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Sock it to 'em

When Renteria hit that slammah yestahday, I kid you not, Bill, I got all teary eyed.


Bill from home:
No friggin joke. People like LaRussa thinks we're a bunch of A-Holes as fans because of our expectations, but we more than any one want so much for a playah like Edgah to succeed.


Bill from home:
Loved seeing all those Yankees fans streaming out of the Stadium in the 7th.


Absolutely, but it'll be Pyrrhic victory if the Sox get beat tonight.


Bill from home:
I've got a good feeling about our favorite fustilugs Wells.


Wells with the rookie Kelly Shoppach catching in his first Major League staht … prepayah yourself for destiny.



Do I spot new graphics?

And can't we rub 17-1 in a bit more?

Nice weekend graphics ;) However, I had to clear my browser cache to get the house panel to load the graphics. Firefox 1.0.4 on XP pro.

Wells sucks. He'll be pitchin' fungo to the team that's paying him under the table. 4 innings and he'll be double fisted at McSorley's.

Got a good feeling about Wells, huh? I guess he owns stock in Hostess products.

these new graphics suck. never use them again. very un-Dude

Good weekend, I've already forgotten about Sveum's ever-waving arm. Great start by Wells and Rent continues to shine. Ahhh, winning the series against the MFY in the Bronx ALMOST makes up for that four game losing streak. Good to see Papi and Manny get it going again. On a more dour note, Millar is killing me and Bellhorn looks like some kid in the sixth grade staring at the clock waiting for the day to end so he can play his PS2. I can't imagine that Pedroia would be any worse, but I guess we can hope for K-Horn to get it going, too.

I see no graphics at all. Safari 2.0.

Re browser's not loading images, especially Safari and Firefox, you have to do a "force refresh" normally to get the new images to show. Dumping cache helps too.

h.b: I admire the attempt to get every AWAD you can into to strip. Try for an antanaclasis next week.

h.b.: nope, even flushing cache doesn't help. No graphics on this strip, and only half on the next.

Huh. After I posted that last comment, they showed up. Bizarre.

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