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Seismographs at the ready

Rider on Green Line:
He of the "nuts the size of Saturn" continues to run rings around the competition.


Rider on Green Line:
Arroyo is so on fiah right now, his own teammates are glad they don't have to face him … Youks calls him "deadly"


Absolutely. And 5 and 2 on the road trip? I'll take it.


Rider on Green Line:
Yeah, now back to Fenway just in time for a freak spring Nor'eastah.


I hate when rainouts derail the momentum train … Things are going so well right now.


Rider on Green Line:
Yeah, even with Manny slumping, Schilling and Wells on the DL, Renteria looking awkward and stiff. Foulke being very un-Foulke … still I'm feeling fine.


All that good and the Yankees gorgonized and tied for last place in wins and first place in team meetings.


Rider on Green Line:
I heard The U.S. Geological Survey has just issued a statement saying anyone in the vicinity of Volcano Steinbrenner should hasten activity to protect life and property as an eruption is certain and imminent.


The anticipation of seeing George go all ape shit is killing me, I tell you, just killing me.


Rider on Green Line:
Get our your Member's Only jacket and your Flock of Seagulls cassettes out, it's retro 80s night in New York.



If you think Steinbrenner is bad now, wait until his horse (favored to win the Derby) goes down like a fat girl on prom night. His 'tude will darken exponentially.

As far as rainouts go, I was actually somewhat relieved when that game against the sold-soul Orioles was cancelled since I'm pretty sure Satan only promised them great play through April. Now that we're facing Seattle and Oakland, any delay or cancellation would be unacceptable.

Georgie-Porgie's preoccupation with the Derby will be short-lived (clearly, I hope Bellamy Road spits the bit).

Should his horse lose, I wonder if this will push George over the edge with regard to his Yankee-related edicts, decrees, what have you...

A strong home stand v. OAK, SEA is required for the Sox as BAL is facing a crappy KC team for three straight--Sidney Ponson, the Aruban Outlaw goes tonight (ERA of 6+).

At the Fens: Clement (3-0 4.00 ERA) v.
Moyer (4 - 0, 3 + ERA).

hopefully the new drainage system on the field will be effective so the game will be played tomorrow night... it would be a definite rain out last year....

The Skanks drop three to the Gamma Rays. Holy shit. Lord Turtle-neck has got to be pissing down both legs. Lou and Zim must be experiencing multiple orgasms. Cashman is destined to end up a traffic cop in Iraq. Only Costanza can turn things around in NY....

Mmmmm, smell the schadenfreude:

"The Yankees are stuck in this mess. Nobody is going to come knocking on their door to take any of these overpaid underachievers off their hands. Imagine the laughter that results from GMs around the league when Brian Cashman calls, seeking out feelers for Giambi and Brown?

It’s as if the Bambino did some sort of ethereal Anakin Skywalker impression, fighting off his Darth Vader persona, and tossing the Yankee Empire into the incinerator to re-join his original family.

The $200 million New York Yankees are in last place and in freefall. And not even Steinbrenner’s fat wallet can save them this time around."


It's a beautiful smell, ain't it, kids? That's the smell of 86 years of rancid Karma coming home to roost all at once. For almost nine decades those smug Spankee fans have been running their mouths, and now it's all catching up with them, and the entire world is laughing at them, and they know it.

"If I had a photograph of you
or something to remind me
I wouldn't spend my life just wishing"

Member's Only jacket and Flock of Seagulls cassettes ...fuckin' brilliant, hb.

"Member's Only jacket and Flock of Seagulls cassettes" & "Only Costanza can turn things around in NY...."

Good Lord, that just made me spit my water on my keyboard! Thanks a lot fellas!

I know it's so very un-PC, but we can actually use the "Yankee's Suck" chant and it would finally have some merit.

Any worse and we can start chanting "Yankees Swallow"

HB, sir, whats up, I've dictionary.com bookmarked and I didnt have to use it(or google) today...Ive been learning so much lately!?!?


Were you already familiar with the word "gorgonized" from today?

h.b., dead on with the 'Member's Only', let's not forget, although we would like to, parachute pants, wind-tunnel mullets and the dreaded 'stone-washed' denim.

As for the smell eminating out of the Bronx, it's not the garbage, it's Jimmy Hoffa's body, it's FEAR. Unadulterated, 'could you pass me a clean pair of underwear', FEAR. I love the smell of FEAR in the morning, it smells like victory.

Oh, reminds me, the new Mac OS "Tiger" has a built in feature in which you can mouse over a word and then do a key combo "apple-option-d" and get the definition. Sweet.

They ought to make a mouse over for Soxaholix 80's references, I feel like I never left middle school when I read this site some days.

"And I raaannnnn,

I ran so far awaaaaayyayay...."

Check out Nust of Saturn's LiveJournal (Joy of Sox and Singapore Sox Fan have links).
Apparently a good few other players, like Tek, Minky, Pedro and others have them too. It must not be for angst-ridden teenagers anymore.

Dhimmi and Seismographs...best back-to-back screen shots of the season! Even better, another "put-your-head-here" from bigbri...he's beginning to know his place. However, NO sacred cows? Please...never get to Johhny P!

Losah, I hope to god you realize those livejournals are parodies... dead hilarious ones, to be sure, but definitely not be the actual players...

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