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Season's getting warmer

The Sox are a dissapointment versus the Mariners, while the Yankees' streak continues …

Hey, Callaghan, don't look behind you lest you realize that one, your middle aged ass gets fatter every day, and two something might be gaining on you.


Ah, Mahty, all that money spent on a sex therapist yet you're still premature, eh? Your Yankees, last time I checked, just crawled their way back to .500 … that's not a lot to crow about.


The Yankees may only be at .500 but when all is said and done they're also only 3 and a half back of your self-proclaimed "idiots." Sleeping well, Billy Boy? [Laughs]


8 in a row against mediocre competition, I'm sleeping fine, thanks.


Ah, Callaghan, I wouldn't throw away that Xanax script just yet … the Yankees have gone 8 and 1 against Oakland and Seattle while the Red Sox have gone, what is now, 6 and 3, facing the same easy competition. Pleasant dreams?


How many rings has Torre, Bill? And Metamucil chugging Francona? I'm just saying.


Great, Mahty. You just keep looking at what has been and I'll keep looking forward to what will be. One club is ascending while anotha is descending. I think we both know which is which.


Whatevs, Callaghan. I'll see you in October.


I hope so, Silverstein. As I learned last yeah, nothing bettah than laying the smackdown on the Yankees in Octobah … besides I'm really looking forward to seeing Pay-Rod's so called "dropping the shoulder move." [Laughs]



just to start my day with a mental colonic:

fuck steinbrenner, fuck bucky dent, fuck gay-rod, fuck giambi and his two homers in game 7 of the alcs, fuck sheffield for egtting a pass on his steroid use, fuck aaron boone, fuck the Yanks

feel much better all rady

ready to start the week - at my new job - and feelin' allllright. now where is my 40 oz double mocha north slope ethiopian hazelnut caramel swirl latte?

guess ill just have regular coffee

Nice link, HB.

BronxBanter is a NYY blog I can recommend--Yankee sluts, sure... but Cliff Corcoran and Alex Belth are objective and very knowledgeable.

Belth also occasionally "pens" some cool NYC-proper stuff just to stretch the scope of the blog, I suppose.

Brandon v. Saarloos the Merciless tonight..10:05 PM...fuckin West coast games...

Saw the Queer Eye/Sox promo this weekend. Quick clip of Wakey getting his back waxed...not much else to say after seeing that.

Love it. Just like my own Yankee friends, they were mysteriously missing over the last few weeks -- but as soon as they got back to .500, it's "don't look now!"

Bitches, all of them.

Ah yes, Marty the MFY fan comes crawling out of the woodwork. You nail that character perfectly h.b.; in that v-neck sweater he makes a perfect Westchester County prick.

As for the MFYs, don't worry, they'll blow it in the end. They always do. Choking is core to their identity. After years of listening to assholes like Michael "Fat Momma's Boy" Kay talk shit like that about the Sox, it's nice to throw it back at them.

Look for the MFYs go back to losing once they have to play some real teams instead the AL West patsies. By July, Marty and his front-running, bandwagon-boy NY bretheren will be buying their nice new Met caps. Go Petey!

Exactly Kluv - I have the same MFY fan co-workers. What their doing now is "whistling in dark". They'd rather die than admit it, but they are all screatly scared as shit that the "dynasty" is roiting from within. Since the 2004 'greatest choke in history' when these MFY fan co-workers talk all I hear coming from thier pieholes is the sound that the adults on the Charlie Brown specials, "wah wah wah wah waaaah".

I'd be even more scared after reading the link h.b. supplied about Torre's arm-toasting ways. Someone in the Bronx needs to put Asbestos on Riveras arm.

Like the stench from the fridge when it hasn't been cleaned recently, so returns our 'intrepid' Yankee fan when the Payroll starts stringing wins together.

Sigh. I go to two Sox games this year, and they lose both.


But ... it's just ... I saw Tek running in from the bullpen before the ninth inning. Guardado is a lefty. Tek is over .500 against lefties. Renteria is sucking it lately. I thought the move was obvious: Tek for Renteria, and then either Youkilis (Bellhorn to SS, Youkilis to 3b, Muller to 2B) for Mirabelli.

I mean, duh.

If Francona does that, we have better than even chances to tie the game. Tek likely gets a single, moves Damon to second, Ortiz moves him to third on FC, and Manny hits him home on the sac fly.

There is no reason NOT to do this. I thought he surely would when he came in from the bullpen. But no. Sigh.

So as it stands, we win only one game, and it's only because the Mariners apparently had no clue -- like I and every other Sox fan did -- that Nixon would be sitting on that fastball.

I felt good coming into the weekend. Now, I feel not so good, because our near-term hopes rely on Wells coming back and moving Gonzalez to the bullpen. The depressing prospect makes me fell almost like a Yankee fan.

Someone should sigh up Terry Francona to a Metamucil deal. "It keeps me regular and is also good luck!"

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