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On a good pace

Why does losing the second game of a double headah feel worse than losing a regulah single game?


Absolutely. I'm not complaining, just wanted that second game, too. But 18-13 at this point and a 97 win pace? I'll take it.


Two and a half behind Baltimore, a team whose only distinguishing feacha is that they are full of shit.


Yeah, like all bullshitahs, they have a complete indifference to how things really ah -- namely that they are a .500 club at best.


And then there's those other guys to our south, rotting from the inside out.


Yep, just like his horse, George's team is washed out.



Miller and Gonzalez bothed pitched pretty damned well and are a welcome addition to the beleaugered pitching staff if they maintain their skeelz. The fact that Gonzalez' first name is Hawaiian for 'quick' adds to his likeability factor for me. I'd have to say my favorite addition to the roster is Jay Payton, though. He can hit, field, and is fast as shit. How come I never heard of this cat before he showed up in right field at Fenway?

Jay Payton's pretty good, he was actually a teammate Of Jason Varitek and Nomar Garciaparra-Hamm at Georgia Tech. He was a highly touted
mets prospect which everyone knows is the
kiss of death for your career, in fact if
I were a mets prospect I'd quit immediately
and get a more promising career like starting
an 80's style metal band ;)

I can't believe I sat through 6 innings of rain on anothe gorgeous new england evening just to see cla (y? because I can't find the plate) meredith choke on a close game. I continue to question to wisdom of bringing in an unproven rookie to pitch in the later innings of a close ballgame. Tito had Embree warming - why didn't he just go Embree in the first place?

Oh well, 2 of 3 from the M's ain't bad, especially when you can treat your mom to a Sox game and a walk on the field for Mother's Day.

I missed both games because of Mother's Day festivities. :( I had a bunch of friends who were at the second game and they all said they froze. Where is the sunny May weather we are supposed to be having?

In case you all didn't hear, the Red Sox family lost a member of their staff early yesterday morning, a cook in the clubhouse, Bernie Logue. I heard they had a moment of silence for him at the beginning of the first game. My prayers go out to his family and friends, and the Red Sox community who knew him.


Unfortunate that Bernie Logue had died. Millar said something to the point that they wouldn't have gone if the game hadn't rained out. If only it hadn't rained. One never knows, whether on the war front, or after enjoying a game, where tragedy may strike.

As for Embree, I don't think they wanted to put a left hander against a righty, especially since Embree hasn't looked all that great this year so far. Cla had to get some exposure at some point, you just hope if he makes a mistake, your offense can get you back on track.

5 games over .500 and playing not so great, and 2.5 out of first with the Orioles on a pace that they can't keep up...I'll take it. Easy to question Francona's pitching decisions in Game 1, but playing for the win is something I can't complain about. If he'd held off those pitchers and lost Game 1, we'd complain about that too. Oh well. They won 5 straight with a makeshift lineup...I'm pretty happy.

Joel Sherman's piece (HB's LINK: "Rotting from the inside out") was amazing. A proverbial "scathing indictment" of all that is inefficient with the NYY Front Office.

I've heard 100 X about guys the Old Sox Management have allowed to leave or traded and ultimately saw them prosper with other clubs -- but, the pitching the Yankees have let slip through the cracks over money or in the eternal quest to obtain yet another "clean-up hitting only, perennial all star in his mid 30's" is stupifying.

Miller's start reduced the Sox' "IF" list substantially...

//And then there's those other guys to our south, rotting from the inside out//

You are all whistling in the dark. Here comes the majesty. Here comes the mystique. Here come the Yankees. From worst to first, 2005 will be a MAGICAL season. Possibly the GREATEST comeback in sports history. Ooops. Wait a minute. We already have one of those...the 1978 Yankees. Ok. So this will be the second greatest. I can live with that.

Actually, the greatest comeback in the history of sports happened last season if you will recall in conjunction with the greatest choke in the history of sports.

"...the 1978 Yankees"

Hold on to history...that's all you've got.

Moose and Brown held down the A's for 2 games--sweet. The A's are currently the LEAST productive offense in MLB...the A's are batting .236 as a team...I wouldn't point to results of this series as the indicator of Yankee Pitching Returning to Glory.

Wait until they reach .500, don't you think?

the bigbrick of shit is back! I have no idea what the hell is wrong with this guy but I bet he cancelled his cable TV subscription all because of ESPN's over-exposure of all things wrong with the MFY. Sweet.

Man, how much of a pathetic loser do you have to be to troll a website for a rival team? I mean, it's pathetic when your team is doing well, but now it's just funny.

Bri, it's clear no woman would ever want to be within 20' of you, but maybe you should at least give dating a shot. You're obviously not getting anywhere in posting to Sox sites from your parent's basement.

Tito's decision to bring in Meredith yesterday in the 2nd game was a puzzlement even stranger than his decision to bring in Pedro in game 7 of the ALCS. But, as bad as that call seems, it's okay...the overall stewardship of this team is fine.

I understand Torre woke up yesterday morning and found Bellamy Road's bloody head in his bed. Talk about motivation! If the Chokees had lost yesterday afternoon, the postgame platter would have been the rest of the horse.

horse head on the bed a la Godfather(good one AJM). The Shitbrenner must be rehearsing the "I know it was you" speech for Ca$hman.

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