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You've got to admire the shortstop's tenacity in working through his hitting slump and showing no signs of panic despite Tony Room Service La Russa's dire warnings.


It's that "staying in the zone" thing that gives me the most optimism so fah this season.


Absolutely. Last night's game is a great example. They couldn't get any Zito pitches to hit, so they just worked him over with plate patience and hitter's discipline.


The result? Only 4 measly hits but 11 just-as-good-as-singles walks and the 7-5 win.


That's what you call TheoBall, The Sequel, Revenge of the O.B.P-wan-kenobi.



Ken Macha: "I have a bad feeling about this..."

Glad to see the Soxaholix aren't as rough on Edgar as the Big Dog. Let's see, Renteria has a history of slow starts in April and May, and he has one now? But what a rip! Theo got hoodwinked! Renteria's a bum! And jeez it's not like we have offense elsewhere in the lineup.

When it comes to supporting your players, I don't understand why Boston wants to be like Philly. I don't know how people can call themselves "fans" when they're constantly ripping their own team.

Edgar Renteria: That's not a moon shot, that's a double.

I am not down on Renteria, per se. I think he shoulda been pulled from the ninth on Sunday, and I think we shoulda kept Cabrera instead, but I don't hate the guy, and wish him only the best.

Renteria at the plate from May 1 to today:

--.026 climb in BA
--Hit safely in 12 of 13
--Achieved nearly half of season hit total

I feel much better about Rent--but I never got too concerned about his scuffling at the plate. More worried about occasional "routine" defensive play lapses.

He's got a new contract, but he's also got a new "everything else"--time to adjust should be expected.

Loved OC--loved the snarl he directed towards all non-Red Sox.

I think I recall Womack complaining to him about contact @ 2B during the WS?

There are pictures of Cabrera doing the "Two-Handed Shoo Fly" in Slappy's direction after Slappy tried to cheat his way on base in the ALCS.

But, my perception of Rent is as a "semi-elite" infielder and he's signed for 4 years. I don't know if any level of "elite" is applicable with Cabrera.

3:30 staht today.

I liked Cabrera and thought the
sox should at least talked to him
but then again, I figure the stat
gurus at fenway though if your paying
28 mil or so, you might as well
get the guy who is a little more

Although... had we signed Eckstein
on the cheap to kept the seat warm
for Pedroia or Hanley (both SS's)
we'd probably being doing very well.

Cabrerah was awesome to watch in the infield- made the easy plays look like web gems and always gave everything he had. Rent (once he gets over his bobble-itis) won't be as exciting, but will definitely be consistently good, plus the guy's got a cannon. While we could've had O back for $2 mil less a year, I think we're going to find that that money will translate nicely into 5-8 more HRs, 10-15 more RBI, and 10 more runs scored every year for the next 3.5. Plus, he'll probably have one of those .300/20/120 years that he seems to get every few seasons. I think this 12 outta 13 games with a hit is a sign of good things to come...

If you'll pardon another of authorial intrusions, I want to respond to "illegitimate son of dwight evans" above when he writes, "Glad to see the Soxaholix aren't as rough on Edgar as the Big Dog."

Just want to caution that such may be true of the two characters, Mike and Tara, talking today BUT may very well not be the case for the other characters. Doug, in particular, would harbor a much more Dirt Dog type sentiment toward Renteria and the rest of the Red Sox.

Another thing you may or may not have noticed (probably not as it's quite subtle actually) is that whenever Tara is featured in a strip, the language and overall tone changes. You'll rarely if ever see F-bombs dropped in conversations involving Tara and, generally, the dialog steers clear of the over the top crazy pronouncements that you'd typically find between Bill, Mike, and Doug.

One reason for this is that Tara is a woman, but the bigger reason (because afterall Circle, a female character, swears like a sailor) is that Tara, herself, doesn't curse much, so the others pick up on that and try to do the same out of respect.

Finally, Tara is meant to be the total brainiac, MIT grad, sabermetric savvy, chick of the group, consequently, the guys try to avoid saying anything to her that she might think is totally stupid.

OK, back to the regular programming...

Apologies for the non-sequitur, but is anyone starting to wonder whether Schilling will be back at all this year?

Here's another non-sequitur... My sister and bro-in-law live in West Newton with their three kids. When David Ortiz recently moved there (to a much fancier part of W. Newton than my sister's), my 7-yr-old nephew (future Soxaholic) asked if they could go knock on his door. My sister said no... She also told me that, considering some of the flashy wealth in that neighborhood, Ortiz chose a very tasteful, not-grotesquely-expensive (by metro Boston standards) Victorian.

re Schilling, I wrote in a comment the other day that I have hardly any confidence that he will start another game this season. That's my gut feeling.

Hope I'm wrong.

re Schilling, medically, it is not a good sign that his orthopod is not giving him a solid date to take that boot off. When an orthopedist, or any other type of surgeon gives you the 'let's see how it goes' line, things are not going or looking the way they wanted them to. Also, even if Schill does start by, say, All-star break, its going to be just like Spring training all over again for him. Like h.b. and others, my New Englander pessimism has awaken from is long winter's nap and is looking for something to feed on. Unfortunately, I think it's Schill's ankle.

I'm waiting for Shaughnessy's upcoming article that claims Schilling's ankle is the last remnant of the Curse. "Clearly, Schilling's ankle problems show that, while the Sox may have won the World Series, the Curse lives on. Read about it in my new book coming out this Fall..."

On the positive side, my gut thinks that David Wells is going to thrive with Schilling out and he's going to have a great year. He's going this afternoon... fingers crossed.

Schilling was gambling with his career after duct taping his foot back on for his last two post season starts. Thank God he did though. But, it shouldn't surprise anyone if he doesn't come back this year. He's a big guy, but few people are built to withstand being a starting pitcher for so many years.

Speaking of Clemens, he has a robust, MLB leading 1.11 ERA to go with his 60 Ks. I would have loved to see Houston play the Sox in the series so we could have showed Roger what he could have built by staying here. Nothing was stopping the Sox from winning. Instead the credit belongs with Schill and the Champs.

Just great: 3 runs on the first and the inning still not ovah.

The crossed fingers didn't help, h.b....Fatty Arbuckle is getting tattoed in the first inning.

So what's Tara's user name on SoSH?

tatooed? I've been to bike meets with less tatoo's

David Fucking Wells:

"I feel like I can contribute to the team as well and go out there, and I think my presence out there, with my command, I can help the team."

you fat bastard

I'm picturing him back in the boot by this time tomorrow

Holy crap is my gut ever useless or what?

9-0 in the 2nd?!

Only good thing is if my gut was wrong about Wells then it must be wrong about Schilling not making another start this season.

fuck!...one word, yet so much meaning......

it's a worry when Marty and his RV's are more reliable than the Boston pitching. I may throw in the towel and go to bed it's getting on for midnight here.

Fat Boy's salary is based on Starts, is it not?

"Yeah, I'm fine...good to go..."

OK, I'm disparaging his integrity.

Totally out of line, I admit it.

I say if we're going to sign fat bastards to pitch for us, we find El Guapo and stick him in the rotation- at least he'll have fan support.

Honestly, if it is possible, Wells IS even fatter. He has that look really obese people have, the one when they can't even get their arms all the way down by their sides. The exercise physiologist were right, you don't lose weight swimming....especially if it's in beer.

As a followup to my initial comment: I think we have a lot more to worry about with Wells. He's a much bigger question mark (as he showed today) for the money than Renteria is.

I think overall, all the Soxaholix, even Doug and Bill (who I find upbeat even when the chips are down, he seems to have a lot more optimism than one might expect), are much more even keeled than the Big Dog, but that might not be saying much. All I meant to say was, it's one thing to say, for example, "Wells is really stinking up the joint today", but I don't understand the people who are constantly down on the team when they aren't winning at a .750 pct or not everyone has their BA/OBP over .500. Call me when the Sox are six games under .500, is what I'm saying.

re: Schilling: to be positive, perhaps we can stay afloat long enough to get into the playoffs, and by then Schilling will be up to speed, and kick ass. Now if we can just figure out the other four pitchers in the playoff rotation.......

The other four pitchers? Not meaning to play captain O, but three of the the other four have a combined record of 12-2 or something like that, and Miller looks to be fine-if we could possibly score more than one run for him. When Schill gets back, the rotation is the least of my concerns. How about the fact that our infield, minus Tek of course, has under 5HR this whole year. How about Trot hobbling around to get to fly balls? There are more immediate concerns to me right now - long term concerns. But in the end, you're right, it all comes down to pitching, and we need a healthy Schill.

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