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Just not 'N Synch

Boston is swept by Toronto …

Jeez, when I said I'd give the club a mulligan this season aftah winning the World Series, somehow, you know, 4th place isn't what I had in mind.


1997 when the Sox finished in 4th and boy bands ruled the radio airwaves? Fuck, I want none of that, none of that I tell you.


Yeah, evidently, Backstreet's Back, alright.


The Red Sox need a collective MMMBop on the head.


So let me get this straight … the OBP dahling A's have lost 5 in a row and sit nine games out of first and Beane protege Epstein is mastahminding a club that their own playahs are calling "a really bad team right now"?


Moneyball has so fucking jumped the shahk.



Well, to be fair, the team that just punk'd the Sox is run by Beane-y Baby JP Ricciardi ...

True dat. And DePodesta's Dodgers are doing well, too. Guess just the Red Sox and A's have jumped the shark.

Glad I didn't spend any cash for mlbtv this month. I have been mentally debating why this feels so much more desperate than three games down, 8th inning. It's just not the same team. Maybe they need a round of "who's got spirit" cheers. Are we allowed to be happy for Lowe?

I was wondering if the A's have been deserting the moneyball theories of obp, or have they been getting on but not advancing, how does the team obp compare to the last two seasons,I guess is the question.


Hey Big Bri,

Yes, we know.


Pre-emptive Strike

Hang in there! The 10-game winning streak starts tonight!

PSP- I really hope you're right. I also hope that the last outings by Messrs. Wells, Wakefield, Arroyo, and now Miller were their respective"bumps in the road" and there is nothing but smooth, new pavement ahead.

As far as getting some spahk in the lineup, I think bringing up Shoppach and Olerud will do just that. If I'm not mistaken, last year when we brought Youk up, he injected some much- needed youthful spirit into a .500 club. Closely after that,Theo pulled the trigger on The Trade, and bringing in Meintkiewicz(?) gave Millar the kick in the pants he needed to spark his bat. Hopefully Helmet Head will do the same...

I'm having trouble deciding if this trip to the bronx is just what they need, or the last thing they need.

Devine- //Hey Big Bri,
Yes, we know.
Pre-emptive Strike//

What?!?! I didn't say anything! ;-). Seriously, I'm looking forward to a great set of games this weekend. Based on RECENT history, you guys are set up nicely for starting pitching in the first 2 games. Can't wait to get our mitts on 'Fatboy' Wells on Sunday night - especially after he's been out drinkin' all night Friday and Saturday.

One more thing. It's Fleet Week in NYC. Will that be a distraction for Arroyo? It shouldn't matter. He's not scheduled to pitch or anyting, but still...

Moneyball hasn't jumped the shark by any means in Oakland. You have to see that it's just starting to play out. The way that it will all eventually come together will stay true to the statistical format in which the Moneyball design came from. These kids are still learning the transition from school to the River Cats to the Show, and it's happening very fast for them. Once the ROY expectation pressure has diminished & they relax, they'll show their worth... just in time for the Sox to harvest them.

PS - NO you can't be happy for Lowe!


What Summah?? Friggin weathahh!!! :-/

I was wonderin all this week about something that h.b. said a while ago: Schilling ain't coming back this year. And everyday I have been reading into the lines that Mr. Schilling is not healing well and that the miracle surgery performed last year created a whole new set of problems. But still this is a team game, they don't look motivated at all and if they keep stranding men on base like they have been, I will enjoy 4th place while it lasts. They need a reality check and I hope they get it together this weekend or it's gonna be a very steep hill to get over.

I just hope they pull it together
soon because the value of all my
Red Sox World Series champion bric
a brac is sinking like a rock.

They've had quite a few injuries in Oakland, plus a few inexplicable failures to perform up to norm (Eric Chavez, anyone?), so I don't think you can count them out of it yet by any means.

Besides which, the Oakland approach is all about great big sample sizes. There's still plenty of season left.

(and FWIW Moneyball technically isn't saying that OBP will win you tons of games... Moneyball is saying that OBP-heavy guys will win you games cost-effectively. Big difference.)

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