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It ain't gellin'

I love the way the Globe skirts around their wolf in the fold relationship with Dirt Dogs. Regarding the Foulke thing Snow writes this morning about "a rumor stahted on the internet…"


Yeah, like "the internet" is a being that gets immaculately conceived and then, lo and fucking behold, gives birth to anotha rumah.


You'd think in the interest of transparency they'd, you know, mention that the rumah, or whatevah it is at this point, first appeared on the Globe copyrighted Boston Dirt Dogs site.


What's moah, now that it appeahs there was at root truth in the original "Foulke gone to Alabama to see a doctor" story that the Globe would do bettah than treat Dirt Dogs like some sort of freakish ghoul.


Speaking of, our own beloved Red Sox act like their auditioning for a paht in the next zombie movie.


Wondah what it's going to feel like to root for a 4th place team?


We may find out as soon as this weekend. Not that I'm being fucking negative or anything.


This has been a lousy past couple days for defending World Champions, even Ken Jennings got taken to school on Jeopardy.



Love the "freakish ghoul" tag :-) I think Snowman was referring to the SoSH post that was up regarding the fan who said he was told Foulke was going to Alabama to have his arm checked out. I hadn't posted anything at that point as I was still tracking down the store owner and self-described agent responsible for a similar fan report I received. They love me across the aisle :-) No worries.

"``That's grossly inaccurate,'' manager Terry Francona said. "

I have already presented an anti "BDD/Boston Globe relationship with same" diatribe on this very website, so I shall not reiterate same.

Re the very intriguing Herald piece about Foulke's trip to the "biomechanic"--listen to me: whatever it takes...whatever is fucking required, they need to get that man straight or the Sox are cooked.

This is not an overstatement--the bullpen problems will be the undoing of the season.

What is up with that freakish sexual predator creature?!?!?!? I'm going to have nightmares....seriously, I am kind of bugged out by the whole thing.

Glad to hear your colleagues across the hall are sharing the love, Big Dog.

As for the "freakish sexual predator creature," SawxSince67, like that time I linked to that naked guy with the engorged ball sack, I'm just trying to make sure I'm not the only one stuck with these phantasmagoric images in my brain the entire day. Better to share the pain... :)

//Better to share the pain... :) //

Jesus H. Christ on a bicycle. It's not so much that this image of the sexual predator exists, it's that you actually FOUND IT. hb, your wonders never cease.

hey, give the ghoul a break... i think thats how I looked last sunday morning after falling asleep at that bar Lucky's the night before.

Better to share the pain... :)

"There are some things that you see, and you can't unsee them. Know what I mean? "

Joaquin Phoenix in 8MM

Does anyone else find it funny that the freakish ghoul is named Brian Peppers? It just seems to fit him perfectly (much like a freak halloween mask would.)

Not "Big Bri" ?!?!?

Completely off-topic, but did you folks know that Oil Can Boyd's still around???

Last time I heard Can's name mentioned, he was up in the wilds of northern Maine, pitching for the short-lived Bangor Blue Ox. And that was almost ten years ago! I had no idea he was still pitching. Maybe the Sox should give him a tryout; he's as quotable as Wells, and he certainly can't pitch any worse.

Hells yes Aaron, I'm making plans to see his next start down in Brockton. I always loved the Can. Now if only my beloved namesake would make his comeback...

and the San Diego Surf Dawgs just signed Rickey to a contract. Gotta love those old-timers who just can't bear to hang it up.

The ghoulish freak committed "Gross Sexual Imposition"...I can't imagine there's any kind of sexual imposition from this guy that wouldn't be gross.


It all looks bad right now (that photo's a creepy punctuation point on the whole sad show.) And with the mfy series coming up, I'm feeling short of breath and frankly a little hysterical, as I contemplate sitting through the series with my visiting parents who don't drink. You think the yanks will clap for Foulke like we did opening day for Mariano...

Foulke's got a strange delivery, I wouldn't be surprised if some small change in mechanics caused him a whole host of problems on the field. He doesn't *look* like he's been throwing hurt, though.... just like he was throwing ineffectively, and lately throwing a little gunshy.

Re: ghoulish freak:

Did anyone else immediately hear: "I'm not an animal! I am a man!" a la Elephant man, when they saw that picture?

Re: "whatever it takes...whatever is fucking required, they need to get that man straight or the Sox are cooked."

I whole-heartedly agree SoxSince67. If we need a live chicken, a bucket of chicken, a hair-doll, exorcisim...whatever. Foulke needs to be right in the head and the arm.

"If we need a live chicken, a bucket of chicken, a hair-doll, exorcisim...whatever. Foulke needs to be right in the head and the arm."

You think Rentaria knows any Santaria?

So, on the subject of Boston Dirt Dogs, can I toss out something that has bothered me about that site for a long time? It seems to me to have an unmistakable, though not explicit, racial preference for white players, and disposition to trash non-white players. Note that I am *not* saying it is a racist site, just a site that embodies a sensibility often imputed (whether fairly or not) to Boston fans -- that they love white stars and can never quite embrace blacks or Latinos of comparable talent.

Steve Silva abjectly worships Schilling, Tek and Nixon, but I grant that that is understandable from the point of view of a Red Sox rooter (though I cannot imagine the site dubbing a black player the "co-captain" if he were injured as often as Trot). Where it really shows is in the extremely fond and forgiving treatment of Derek Lowe, a mediocre pitcher at best, a hothead and a head case. Indeed, Lowe is almost a folk hero on that site. Compare that with the merciless mockery of Edgar Renteria, Nomar, and, when the opportunity presents itself, Manny Ramirez. Compare the personal bitchery directed at Renteria and Garciaparra with the laments about Foulke's failures, which never take on the same tone of nastiness. Most glaring is the near absence of the kind of tributes to David Ortiz that one sees regularly for Schilling and Varitek. Ortiz had one of the most clutch postseasons in baseball history last year and was as responsible for the Red Sox success as any other individual player. Yet BDD, while of course positive in its coverage of him, does not lionize him as it does Schilling and Varitek. Why? He clearly exerts leadership in the clubhouse, in addition to being charming, humble and classy. Imagine how BDD would gush and enthuse over a white player of comparable accomplishments. And then there were all the Buh-wheat afro shots of Pokey Reese.

It just kinda creeps me out.

Note that I am white, and in general not hypersensitive about these matters. But I think as a regular reader of BDD, it is hard not to notice this.

newton, you aint the only one that noticed, though i think the petey-lowe comparison is a little weak

pedro wanted out, lowe wanted to stay. pdro was vindictive in what he said, lowe felt rejected

but overall...yea, ive seen some of what you are saying


Who's that knockin' on your back door? The MF NY Yankees, that's who! See you all this weekend. Can't hardly wait...

Josh Blue -- Glad to know I'm not the only one. But actually, my previous post did not mention Pedro Martinez at all. Pedro made a lot of asinine, petulant comments about the Red Sox organization on his way out of town so I kind of considered that a confounding variable (in terms of why BDD would trash him). I'd expect a Red Sox fan site to go to town on any player who made those kinda comments...

Are we sure that that's for real and that no one hacked the site? I mean, that looks like a mask he's got on, not a real face. The hairline looks funky, too.

HB...I live in Ohio. That thing is living in my state. He's going to haunt my dreams. That's it, I'm moving back to MA.

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