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Happy Memorial Day

Bill from home:
Unbelievable. There's still life in David Wells yet!


Tara from home:
Ah, yet again, Theo and his gang of stats geeks appear smarter than the average fan. Imagine that?


Bill from home:
Heh. Except for that first inning, Wells was a frickin monstah.


Bill from home:
And just as good was the offense in all three games. Talk about having good eyes, 51 hits in just 3 games?! Wow.


Tara from home:
All this and finding out that Pay-Rod is in therapy? What a most fantabulous holiday weekend.


Bill from home:
Absolutely. And as we bask in our own resplendence, let's not forget to give thanks on this Memorial Day to all brave folks who've paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.


Tara from home:



Great time for the team to start a-hittin'. Happy Memorial Day. And let's all be thankful to know that we don't have to listen to Ronan Tynan again for a couple of months.

P.S. hb, today's graphics are in the best tradition of your site--love the cozy tudah house (perhaps in honor of John Tudah?) in the inner suburbs. As for yesterday's strip, well, that guy in front of the swan boats completely gives me the creeps. Way too NY.

That's "Doug" in front of the swan boats. Guess it wasn't obvious enough. I went back and forth a couple of times with the graphic artist on that very issue of him looking too "effete" or something.

I'll ship it back again for rework.

Thanks, and good luck! Tell the artist that Doug in particular needs to lose the Andy Pettitte aqualine nose and sensitive lips.

Nothing like new graphics and a couple of trounces at the Yankees expense to make for a happy holiday!
Thanks to all vets for helping to make it so....

This Clevelander, former Bostonian, LOVES the graphics from around town.

bbq today and watch the sox keep hitting against the o's. official scorer loves e-rod or he gets 2 more to talk about in therapy. thanks to the guys who make this all possible, the guys on the front lines.

Operation First Place is in effect. Let's smack these birds so hard it makes John Audobon roll over in his grave.

I guess the pressure is to great in NY for E-Rod to handle.....this will prove tremdous this postseason.....can we expect a "Valium" chant every time E-Rod shows his face in the Fens?

Nice legs.

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