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Cosmic payback

Arroyo again … Now wins in 15 of Saturn Nuts last 15 starts.


Good thing, too, as I've got this sinking feeling Schilling is going to be a long time gone.


Yeah, tough to be optimistic when even Schill himself says he doesn't know when asked if the ankle is getting any better.


Had ta figya there'd be some cosmic payback price to pay for The Bloody Sock heroics last Octobah.


Cosmic payback is such a bitch.


Fuck yeah it is, just ask Jason Triple A Giambi.


Live by the juice; die by the juice.


Or in the case of Salem, live by a witchcraft legacy, die by a Bewitched statue installed in the town squaah.


Why Samantha and not Darrin? Bunch of sexist wiccans.


No shit. Samantha was willing to give up her witchy ways to live the life of a mortal in suburban Connecticut all because of the dude, Darrin Stevens.


And he was a skinny spastic uptight weird fucker too.


Hot wife with a funky nose waiting for you everyday in a sleveless dress at 1164 Morning Glory Circle with a martini in hand at 5 o'clock … Darrin so fucking rules.



Er, that's Jason "Triple A" Giambi. Jeremy is in AAA, but for the White Sox.

Can you believe it? Bronson allows 2 R (1 unearned), 3 H and gets the ND as the Sox bats are stymied by Saarloos the Merciless.

Imagine if Millar goes on the annual Unconscious Tear? Too early?

A nice outing by the bullpen.

Jeannie (I Dream of) or Sam?

"Darrin so fucking rules."

I swear.

I don't know what I always confuse the two brothers. Maybe I have bad pituitary gland or something.

Thanks for the correction.

Samantha? Hottest. Sitcom. Mom. Evah. Also? Could kick Jeannie's ass in a show-down. Also also? Darin married so far over his head, but not nearly so far as many of the sitcom husbands of today (King of Queens, I'm looking at you.)

If this is cosmic payback for the sock, it's not so bad. Besides, I think we sort of paid the cosmos in advance.

And Millar! Woot!

I agree that Samantha could kick Jeannie's ass. Samantha is a witch, and can do magic anytime she wants. Jeannie is a, well, a Genie, and she can only grant other people's wishes. So unless Major Nelson tells her to kick Samantha's ass, she couldn't do a thing. Pardon me, I have to go take my medication now.

Ryan, don't forget Jim Belushi in the TV "married waaayyyy over your head" department. With a hot sister in law to boot. It's pretty cruel, feeding the fantasies of average Joes (such as myself) like that.

" Samantha is a witch, and can do magic anytime she wants. Jeannie is a, well, a Genie, and she can only grant other people's wishes."

So, we're making a distinction of powers here...interesting. Never looked at it his way...

And, eventually I'd be all, "Jeannie, there are fucking veils all over the house...enough with the veils...

-nobody lucked out sitcom-wise more than that sausage-fingered "king of queens" guy... we're supposed to believe that the wife was spawned by that ultra-annoying/ass-faced Stiller geizer?!
-I inexplicably took a course on witchcraft in college and I can personally attest that there is no mystical field that is more man-bashing and lesbian friendly than Wiccans

So glad to see that the drift away from baseball and into TV sitcoms has spurred such good comments.

The difference in powers between Jeannie and Samantha is an interesting point. I, too, hadn't considered that before.

And you're right to point to the current sitcom situation in which guys who aren't simply plain Joes but are leaning toward being slovenly Joes are paired up with the serious hot MILFs for wives.

"Still Standing" is another example of the Ugly Fat Guy/Hot Wife sitcom. Which I suppose I could live with if the Ugly Fat Guy was successful or interesting in some way. But they're always delivery truck drivers or, in the case of "Still Standing," a toilet salesman. Yeah, that's a great combination to attract hot women: bad looking and making $12,500 a year.

Poor Giambi. The Bronx Bust is asked to go to Triple A. I have a feeling that if Boss George has his way, Giambi's head will end up in a bowl of chilli at Wendy's.....

something that occurs to me about the magical wives, is to be carefalu what you say. Try "how about a little head" and next thing you are ordering your world series commemorative hat in a size 5.

Samantha wins hands down especially with the "identical" mischievous hippie cousin who wants to boink you (in all different kinky cosmic planes).

Yeah, sure, Jeannie was way ahead of the curve on the belly shirt thing and she, too, had an identical cousin, but she generally tried to get busy with Major Nelson inside of a 1000 year old bottle (sans Martini - islamic law).

I always waited for the Stephens to go to Hawaii to see Samantha in a bikini since when the Bradys went we didn't see Marsha assets.

How about tranferring this hot babe w/doofus to real life?
How does that twerp Timberlake hit the lottery with Cameron Diaz?
DiCaprio with ANY living breathing female?

There must be something about sitcoms back in the day. It turns out Darren and Mr Brady both um, enetred the tent from the other side. Didn't Paul Lynde appear on both shows? I'm just saying...

Too funny. Technically, only the second Darrin, Dick Sargent, was gay. Although he was the original guy intended for the role and not Dick York, the first Darrin.

I don't recall Paul Lynde appearing on Brady Bunch, but it's certainly plausible.

Let's not forget Lois Griffin with that fat fuck Peter...she's hot.

I understand Lois comes from money, as well...Christ.

>>>How does that twerp Timberlake hit the lottery with Cameron Diaz?
DiCaprio with ANY living breathing female?


Forget that...
How in the hell does waddle-throated ol' Michael Douglass end up sharing the sheets with a Goddess like Catherine Zeta???!

lyle lovett. julia roberts.

Down 4-1, Zito continues to play with fire...but, the Professional grounds out with bases loaded to end the 5th...

Ok, back to Chicks Who Deserve Better.

Ben Assfleck and Jennifer Garner

My favorite Paul Lynde "Hollywood Squares" line:

Peter Marshall: If you were pregnant for two years, what would you give birth to?

Paul Lynde: Whatever it is, it would never be afraid of the dark.

what the foulke?!

Jesus Foulkeing Keeerist!!!

No shit. I'm sitting here listening to the game through the headphones at work and everything is going so smoothly... then Bang! Forgot how the gut can wrench so quickly in this game.

Bottom 9TH B:1 S:1 O:1
Jason Varitek homers (7) on a fly ball to right field. David Ortiz scores.


Unbelievable. What a finish. (One of these days, though, I'll just keel over and perish while watching or listening to a game.)

Foulke better buy Clement dinner tonight. And Varitek, too.

better buy me dinner too because he made me throw-up in my waste basket.....

I think Dotel is going to lie down on the Westbound lane of the 'Pike...

now what is wrong with foulke? I believe this division is going to be tight unless the red sox can go on a tear similar to the one they had last year after the all star game and can't afford to have the bullpen (hence the closer)lose games for the team. But on the other hand, premier closers out there are having the same trouble that Mr. Foulke is having so I am ambiguous about looking for a replacement so early in the season. Maybe all he needs is to go to Salem and have a look at the statue if it ever goes up.

Maybe Foulke needs a visit from Dr. Bombay. "Calling Doctor Bombay..."

I want the five years I lost of my life during that 9th inning back, please. Those might be productive years, what with all the advances in medicine lately...

>>>Maybe Foulke needs a visit from Dr. Bombay. "Calling Doctor Bombay..."


LOL!!! Great way to get us 'back on subject'!

Ah, Elisabeth Montgomery....

Was both hotter than and better with powers than Jeannie. Too bad her husband wasn't interested (Sargent, not York).

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