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Baltimore? Don't even go there.

You know Bob Ryan is one of my favorite sportswriters, but, is it me or did his column today just not make any sense?


It's a column in search of a thesis. Is it everyone outside of the Boston/New York corridor is sick of the rivalry? Or is it that the "times are different today"? Or is that the Orioles were once good, then they sucked for yeahs, now they might be good again so we should be calling into EEI saying deep down we want to give a friendly guy slap on the ass to Mike Flanagan?


No shit, and if things were so different back in the so-called day, then why did fans have to "secretly" admire the Canadians or Orioles? Doesn't that suggest a, pardon my French,  Plus Ça Change, Plus C'est La Même Chose situation?


And you can tell when a columnist or anyone else is getting long in the tooth when they say something like "it wasn't so long ago" and then they bring up 1966? Not so long ago? For fuck's sake that's nearly 4 decades ago.


Yeah, it wasn't so long ago that we were at war with the Japanese now they play on our baseball teams. So, Bob, "where did we go wrong" with that one?


Yeah, right, life was so rosy and honorable back in '66 wasn't it Ryan? Not like people were getting crosses burned on their lawns or anything for supporting Civil Rights in the South. Not like there were any race riots in Boston over school desegragation by busing or anything in the early 70's. How did things get so hateful today when we were so civil before?


Meanwhile the Orioles fall from being the "gold standahd" to being an also ran over the last 20 yeahs or so didn't have anything to do with having Angelos as manager or horrible front office decisions, no, it's all because of the rich Red Sox and Yankees.


Yeah, tell me why Baltimore which ranks 4th and 3 spots higher than Boston in metro area population can't pay a "Big Market" payroll and compete every year with the Red Sox and Yankees?


Absolutely. So forgive me if I don't get all moist in the eyes like Ryan when I see the Baltimore Orioles temporarily in first place in the AL East.



"...admire the Canadiens..."


Not in my family--never. My Uncle Frankie would freak.

The success of BAL seems more like a happy conincidence than a plan given the recent track record of the club.

Just like the Sox and NYY, we shall see what is what in the dog days of summer.

Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone at the Globe is waxing poetic over the way baseball was thirty or forty years ago? The most egregious argument they're making is that fans at Fenway are drunker and rowdier today than back then. What a load of feces. I can't speak for forty years ago, but back in the '70s Fenway was the fight capital of the world. Forget about having a little beer spilled on you; it wasn't that uncommon to go home with someone else's vomit on the back of your shirt. Today's Fenway is a damn nursery school compared to then.

The "big market/small market" divide is a myth.
There are only big owners vs. small owners.
Angelos is with the latter.

Preach it! Perhaps I'm too young, being born in 1971, but to me, the 60s produced good music (along with a lot of crappy music, too), but really weren't such good times.

It's not as if the 60s saw the Berlin Crisis, the Cuban Missile, four major assinations, race riots, the draft, draft riots, the disgrace at the Edmund Pettus Bridge, and the rise of Republicans.

I'm not sure why, but wistfulness for a past that didn't exist always rubs me the wrong way.

Here in Chicago I remember that back in the '70's old Comiskey Park was described (entirely accurately) by Sports Illustrated as "the world's biggest outdoor saloon". There was usually at least one or two main events in the stands; all you had to do was watch the "yellow jackets", the off-duty cops who wore yellow slickers and worked security. If you saw 3 or more of them bunched up, it was a fight. Sometimes, like in hockey, they'd let them go for a bit and get tired out before they closed in.

Then the White Sox got bought up by Reinsdorf and he decided to tear down a historic ball park and create a "family" atmosphere there. He did. That's one of the big differences between the White Sox in the 70's and now. Of course, there's also another big difference, and that's that attendance has dropped about, what, 10,000 or 15,000 a game?

The start of interleague play is always welcomed here in Chicago, the only city that has 5 major league teams that all play in the city limits. While most other interleague opponents are rotated from year to year, the Sox and the Cubs always play two 3-game series home-and-home every year; the "Crosstown Classic". Kind of like what happens with new players coming to the Red Sox and finding out what a Yankees series is, every year you can get a quote from a new White Sox or Cubs player saying something along the lines of "I figured it was just another game, but these people are damn serious about this!"

The Cubs have the second-best ballpark in the majors to go to. Not only is it an intimate park, but it's in an expensive residential area populated by yuppies, some of whom are healthy young ladies who want to make sure they get the maximum benefit from exposure to sunlight when they go to a game. Wonderful scenery, and the ballpark looks great, too. But I'm an American League guy, so I root for the White Sox, who are easily the better team this year. Since interleague started in 1997, the White Sox have a 22-20 lead in the games; last year the Cubs won 4-2 with a sweep in Wrigley, but I doubt they'll duplicate that this year.

Last year, wife and I went to an interleague game between SF and OAK @ SBC (PacBell still to some)--imagined there'd be knife fights in the stands...they didn't even care. Many arrived by the 2nd and left by the 7th...it was cold--on July 2.

Wrigley: "Wonderful scenery, and the ballpark looks great, too"

Love Wrigley, love the area, love that the "healthy young ladies" were (in my experience) just so cool...hang out...have a beer, no worries. Pre-wife days.

Generalization: Totally different vibe than the NorthEast--chicks/girls/young women seemed to be less cynical or less suspicious or something--at least around the Wrigleyville area of Chicago.

In addition to bringing >me< to the world, 1966 brought professional sports to the South via the Braves and Falcons.

The O's... Baltimore who won the World Series in '66 as well as '70, also made it to the Series in '69 and '71. This means they went to the Series 4 out of 6 years from 1966-71. So what, you say? Well, this illustrates just how bad (or small) Angelos and his boys are. During those six years, O's had some competition down in DC by way of the Senators - who were in the American League, not the National League like the current DC squad. I guess ol' Pete and his Ho's will do damn near anything for a buck, including playing the "market monopoly" card to get a payout from MLB. I hope fans in DC stay home and leave the love bunch on Eutah Street holding a "Sosa Corked Bat Bobble Head Night" every homestand to payoff a few folks to sit out in the stands.

Speaking of interleague play and cold weather, my girlfriend, Supreme-being-of-your-choice bless her, scored Sox tickets for this Saturday. Any day I get to go see the Sox is good day; better if it doesn't rain; great if it's against an AL East rival; and awesome when Timah Wakefield is pitching...... but I must have the worst luck when it comes to 'ceremonial first pitch' selections.

Case in point: Saturday's projected celebrity: Hamid Karzai!

Now, I am a big fan of democracy and stylish international leaders that wear traditional shoulder-draped Uzbek coats and karakul hats...I'm just saying.....Hell, it still beats the best day at work.

Re: 'the Globe is waxing poetic over the way baseball was thirty or forty years ago?'

I couldn't agree more. Ever since the Sox took it all, they seem rudderless. I bet they're longing for the days when Generalissimo Franco or Ide Amin were around to throw first pitches out.

ugh, Belli on 15 Day DL. We will see how loyal Boston fans are to V-tek after catching Wakefield a couple games.

"Resurgence" my ass. the O's are the 2001 Mariners of 2005, with Brian Roberts playing the role of Bret Boone.

Uh, forgive me if I'm wrong, but I have to agree with Sawx. The Habs have (or should have) Yankee status here. When the hell did any rabid B's fan ever respect the Canadiens? I was too young, but my dad told me all about '78 when the refs blew a bogus Too Many Men call against the B's that cost them a trip to the Cup. The Lunchpail Gang was facing the Habs AND the refs that night. And apparently Ryan forgets what it felt like when the B's finally beat Montreal in a playoff series in '88 (at their house). It was just a huge burden off all Bruin fans' backs (not unlike beating the Yanks in the Toilet). I'm sure Ryan really respected snivelling worms like Petr Svoboda, Mats Naslund and Brian Skrudland. All cheap shot artists worthy of Bob's respect.

Ah, I feel better now, thanks.

Uh, Mikey, "the refs" didn't "blow" anything in that B's game... the Bruins had too many friggin' men on the ice. The refs are so easy to blame, especially when Milbury is looking for another color jersey to hand the puck to...

Also, that link on the 70's busing REALLY brought me back... wow. Yes, I grew up in "white" Hyde Park back then and the forced busing which only (predictably) caused whites to just go to private schools was such a catastrophic mistake even the weenie New England liberals are admitting it.

Angelos is the owner, not the manager. Although, I'm not sure if anyone's told the cheap bastard...

Another aggravating loss....... is it me or do the Sox make every rookie pitcher they face look like Sandy Koufax? I'm just saying....

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