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Hookey Time

After a picture perfect Patriots Day Holiday …

Lisa the Temp:
It's me again, Lisa the Temp, and you know what that means …


Lisa the Temp:
No Soxaholix today … I guess they got too caught up in Nerd Night.


Lisa the Temp:
Must be nice to have sick days and have health insurance and crap.



Sounds like somebody (cough *h.b.* cough) partied a little too heartily on Pats Day!

The hahtbreak of Patriot's Day Pain Disordah effects us all.

Won't you please help us eradicate PDPD forevah?

Won't you?

Must be nice to have sick days and have health insurance and crap.

funny but poignent or however the fuck
you spell it ;)

See, the concept is that you get absolutely shit-faced the night BEFORE. Then you go out into that perfect spring day blinded by sunshine, shivering in warm weather, stumbling around while everyone else is strolling, and cursing at everyone else who is glorying in the day.

Nerd night is like when gays and lesbians came out of the closet a decade ago? Where has this guy been? I went to the 'tute in the '70's and they weren't just out of the closet, they were ripping the door off!

Did anyone happen to notice the Yankees score Monday? 19-8 - The last time they won a game with that score, they didn't another game for the rest of the season!!!

I was hoping for a dialogue between two guys chugging up Hahtbreak Hill and talking about getting passed by Ms. Schilling. (When the hell is Patriots Day going to be reasonable marathon weather?!)

Howie, I thought the exact same thing.

Howie - I'm sure that's what will happen. The Yanks won't win another game all season. See you in October. Actually, I WON'T see you in October 'cuz the SAWX aren't going to make the playoffs this year.

The Yank-Me Troll, Keeper of the Crappy Blog That Demonstrates His Unhealthy Obsession with the Sox and Sox Fans, once again pops out of his hole after that impressive victory over the hapless D-Rays. Too bad for him that, despite the easy win, Jaret Wright proved once again that he sucks.

And I guess I'll throw out my now obligatory comment every time h.b.'s hungover and the temp gets posted: I'd hit it.

Hey Lisa the Temp, June Cleaver called and she wants her hairdo back.

I was fortunate to be at the game yesterday as a buddy lucked into a few tix in the loge-160. Manny's bomb was the 2nd longest I've ever seen, second only to, as a lad of 9 seeing Dick Stuart putting one on the Mass Pike construction site in '63.

This will piss people off I know, but I must have seen 50 Chris Houses yesterday, in the sense only that their sole reason for being there was to get shitfaced. What the fuck is that about? Starting at 11am, they were back and forth, at the least every other inning, carrying back one in each mitt until, by the 4 inning, they were, as Dean Wormer put it, "Fat, drunk and stupid". Even when I was that age, I was there first to see the game and certainly have a few, but not with express intent of getting sloppy drunk. What a bunch of, and I love this term from BDD, "Assclowns".

"the temp: I'd hit it."

Yeah, but I'm all about with the Pats Day Plant Misting lady from yesterday's piece...

GG, your comparison of utter bombs from different decades is compelling--imagine hitting a ball out to the dirt that would eventually become I 90?

There's the screamer (Tek's shot over the Monstah?) and then there's the Bomb...

I'm older so I avoid the "Assclown" way of getting tanked and expelled by the 7th.

I try to make my "drunk" last through the game and into the Post-game festivities...more fun to be had.

Happy recovery from Nerd Night. Get back to work tomorrow!

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