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Ready, Steady, J-Go


He had a terrible 2004 with Tampa, never throwing well, a 6.98 ERA … The D-Rays released him in December.


Released from Tampa? Ah, Christ, I'm about to animadvert ovah heah …


Possible neutralizer to your animus: Baseball Prospectus indicates Gonzalez missed some time last season to finalize a divorce in Venezuela, which might have had something to do with his awful performances.


Yeah, nothing like an ugly Venezuelan divorce to eff up your stuff.


BP gives him a 48% chance to improve, a 23% for a breakout season, and a 21% of collapse …


A 7 in 10 probability that he at least gets bettah? I'll take it. Not that I have much choice.


Hey, things could be worse, at least we don't have to rely on the "approaching the end" Mussina.



Thanks for the link!

H.B, you made me look up a word. Thanks for expanding my vocabulary and making me laugh.

Merriam-Webster Online (www.m-w.com):
One entry found for animadvert.

Main Entry: an·i·mad·vert
Pronunciation: -'v&rt
Function: verb
Etymology: Latin animadvertere to pay attention to, censure, from animum advertere, literally, to turn the mind to


So, Abe Alvarez is not an option? I don't believe Halama is more then a middle-relief guy...

Seriously, what's up with Alvarez? when is he supposed to be ready for the show? Will we have to wait for him to throw a no-hitter before he gets the call up?

I'm glad Theo isn't panicking and shopping players for broken-down arms. But then again, isn't early spring the time to tweak the rosters? Let's get some more younguns into the rotation and see what they can do.

Interesting that the Merriam-Webster Online gives a much milder defintion of animadvert than the one I'd had in mind for Bill's use of the word.

"To comment critically (upon) or to express criticism."

I've heard the "I was bad because I was in the middle of a divorce" excuse before. Most notably, Darin Erstad used it to explain why he went from All Star to mediocre. Turns out the crappy season he turned in while going through the divorce was the real Darin Erstad while the All Star season was just a fluke. So paint me cynical vis-a-vis Senor Gonzalez.

Hey 'Holix - great post (as always), but your Mike Mussina link is off (kinda like his velocity). The correct one is:

Keep up the good work!

Thanks Chops. Link corrected.

Oh, forgot to mention...

I have to be on the road at like 6am tomorrow to go on a road trip for the day job. There's pretty much no way this will leave me time to write anything, so you'll most likely be stuck with the always charming "Lisa the Temp."

Will try to post over the weekend instead.

So...I'm expected to "work" at work or something?


Damn temp. Next thing you know she'll be getting health insurance and crap... ;)

Day job? You mean we aren't donating enough funds to support you?? Well I had better send some money in before I get the Timmy kicked out of me...

Speaking of donations, let me offer a much overdue thank you to those of you who have been kind enough to donate to the cause.

I'm actually putting the cash right back into the site, as I'm contracting out some work to get graphics of existing characters in new poses and working on getting illustrations for new characters as well.

[advance-post]I'd hit it[/advance-post]

As usual, h.b., you capture us perfectly; obsessing over which scrub is going to make a few spot starts in place of Schilling in May. And the pitching situation certainly doesn't look good at the moment. But then I look down at the Bronx, where all the pundits told us that the MFYs had once again assembled the most formidable staff in baseball, and I see three fifths of that fabled rotation either hurt and/or sucking, and the other two fifths just doing roughly what they're expected to be doing (or slightly worse) for a combined $26 mm /year, and frankly I think we're not the ones who should be most concerned.

AJM - yeah Im gonna have to go ahead and agree with you there....

Yankees 2005 winning percentage = .429

Yeah, if the O's, Spanks had legit pitching, I'd be alot less Zen about things right now...

"I'm actually putting the cash right back into the site..."

Cool--however if you choose to abscond with the dough and buy a coffee farm in Guatemala, Godspeed...

I'm not even stressed about the pitching because it is a blessing that it's happening so early in the season, which means in the middle/end of the season, everyone will be back to 100% and kicking ass. I also believe there is no global warming and there is a bull market going on that will last 5 more years. Just so you know how unrealistic my thinking is.

Funny you mention global warming as I've had on my mind to introduce a healthy skeptism for it from at least one of the characters (most likely Doug), but haven't found the right segue yet.

Clement, Wake and pray for rain. One or two spot starts and Miller hopefully will be back.

I'm with SawxSince67 and h.b., I am more worried about the O's and the curse of Edgar Allen Poe than the MFYs right now. (I know, I know it is early) But, AJM's got it right. It looks like you can stick a fork in their pitching staff, too. I think the site of our next intense rivalry (this season) will be moving about 175 miles south. I may have to work on my Ball-tee-moor accent so I can make rag on them more effectively.

Just sit back and wait; he could have been waated talent, which is a lot of TB pitchers.

Follower of Tito, I lived in Maryland for 6 months and interacted with many people from Baltimore. I shit you not, they pronounced their city "Ballmer", which almost sounds like "Ball More". This leads to easy gay porn cracks on Orioles fans.

I spent half my time shitting on Ballmore's team, management, and ownership when I started my own site so now it comes full circle with them doing better than my beloved Sox. Touche, you Fell's Point fruitloops. It won't last into April.

Hey Da Kine, I hoped you escaped the greater Baltimore area with the t-shirt and not the associated STD... hope you are feeling better- you sure sound like it

// I shit you not, they pronounced their city "Ballmer", which almost sounds like "Ball More". //

Let me get this straight. YOU GUYS are making fun of how people talk??? Uh, waiter...reality check please. Thanks.

da kine, so glad to have you back in working order. Great start by Wade Miller, thank God. Let's get the wheels back on, and get this thing going...

"Let me get this straight. YOU GUYS are making fun of how people talk??? Uh, waiter...reality check please. Thanks."

Yeah, 'cause there's nothing strange or funny about a Noooo Yawwwk accent or anything. Talk about needing a reality check.

Yankee Bob Wartson strikes again with the punishment for the D-Ray scuffle:

Arroyo suspended 6 games and fined
Francona and Piniella suspended 3 games and fined
Lance Carter Suspended 5 games and fined
Ortiz fined for walking towards the mound
Brazelton suspended 5 games and fined
Nixon suspended for 2 games and fined
Chris Singleton fined

Trot gets 2 games for pointing his finger, while Balco Sheffield gets nothing for shoving a fan. And Arroyo gets more games than the guy who intentionally threw at Ortiz' head. Yankee Bob is a joke.

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