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A lil' Mo a dat

Good thing nobody panicked …

Has a sweep stopping win evah felt so good?


No kidding! Despite taking 2 of 3 from the Red Sox, there can't be a whole lot of joy in Spankeefanville this morning.


Is that 4 straight blow jobs Rivera has given up against the Sox?


Can you say "manhandled"?


Fuck yeah. There hasn't been this much handling of man since the cops shut down the Thrillah's Neverland Fondle Ranch.


The dude should have nevah, not evah, made that whacked out mask wearing creepfest of a commercial for Nike. That sealed his fucking fate.


Yeah, that and Slappy the Ass Clown unable to field a routine double play ball that would have stopped Rivera's bleeding.


The boo's that erupted out of the Stadium made such a beautiful sound … pure music for the ears.


Call that tune the "Mo [Used to Be] Bettah Blues."



Rivera choked like, well, the Yankees.

Yeah, sure, those were Sox fans booing Rivera. That comes with the territory - Rivera spends most of the last few years emptying out the late innings and racking up, and those bitchass New York fans let him have it because he's had some bad outings. Par for the course. Now they'll probably deal him for K-Rod.

"Now they'll probably deal him for K-Rod."

Fortunately that won't happen. I no longer fear the Fruitbat, but I'm still amazed that Sciosca took out K-Rod in game 3 of the ALDS...that kid was dealing, and if he stays healthy, he's gonna be nasty for a long time.

So, we've let the junk mail pile up, and my wife finally went though the pile of it addressed to her before she tossed it. Up comes a gray envelope with no name on the return address (just a Boston P.O. Box) and a computer-generated white dot-matrix printed white stick-on label with her mailing info on it.

I'm upstairs getting dressed, when I hear a "Whaaa?" from downstairs. Up she comes; "Are these real?"

Hm. July 14th, Bleachers section 35, row , seats , 7:05 PM, New York Yankees. Unlike her, I've seen real tickets before. "Yep, these are real!" Turns out my daughter, residing in the Boston area, entered our names as well as her own in the ticket lottery and my wife's name hit!

So she asks, "How do we get these to ?" My answer; "I believe I may have to deliver these personally!" As the guys at work said when I told them the story, "ROAD TRIP!" I wonder how much a mid-week round-trip ticket between Chicago and Boston is these days.

"The dude should have nevah, not evah, made that whacked out mask wearing creepfest of a commercial for Nike. That sealed his fucking fate.'

That has got to be the funniest thing I have read in like a year. My computer screen is now covered with a fine mist of pepsi...thanks you jerk.

I compare a Mari-oh-no! 9th inning meltdown against the Sox to really good sex. I've been getting laid a lot lately. And then watching Bitch-Boy-Rodriguez "slap" at an inning ending ground ball...ecstasy baby!

H.B., did you see that hack's column today? Here's a link in case not:

The relevant passage: "Red Sox-Yankees has evolved into the very best drama in all of sports and with that comes no shortage of themes, which are often silly or contrived (remember "The Curse of the Bambino"?)."

The guy builds a career out of this junk and now that his old saw has been broken, he talks about it like it was someone else's "contrived theme". If there isn't material in there for a strip, I don't know where else you could find it.

Good thing there aren't more day games...this whole "Gamecast" thing is slower than Cecil Fielder heading towards third on a triple.

Then again, I missed about 16 Troop comments like, "DEEP DRIVE! WAY BACK! GOING! GOING! ANNNNDDD...caught by Renteria next to the mound."

Guy's a health hazard to the commuters of New England.

It was so gratifying to see that it took all of three games into the season for Spankees fans to revert to their usual level of class and intelligence. Booing the one guy most responsible for their 1996-2000 World Series run? Beautiful. When the New York Post actually starts sounding like the voice of reason, you know the inmates have taken over the asylum:


forgive the poor grammar and lack of caps, but i've only got one hand to type. this was the best game i've watched in years as far as the regulah season goes. besides handsome johnny's funky steal attempt it was a 3.5 hour spankee embarrassment. wakefield pitched like a champeen, a-rod embarrassed himself hugely with his glove, and edgar rentedrecently actually got a hit and rbi's. pissah!

The triumphant return! Very nice, Da Kine...good work! Respect!
"16 Troop comments" Hysterical!


Yah, Michael Kay/YES Network was bitching about the fans during the telecast, as well...very satisfying stuff...

Ah, Da Kine is back with us! Most excellent and perfect timing with the Red Sox looking so good yesterday.

Welcome back da kline!!!!

He's back, good to see that your convalescing Da Kine.

Da Kine! Welcome back, dude.

Good to hear from you da kine!

I always enjoy Troop. A bit of flair for the dramatic, makes for an enjoyable game. Could be worse, could be Carver and Morgan....

Welcome back Da Kine!!! Hope everything is going well and thanks for everything!!

You guys are out of what's left of your minds. You lose 2 of 3 to the GREATEST FRANCHISE IN SPORTS HISTORY and you are happy about it. You think Rivera has lost it. PLEASE go on thinking that. I PRAY the SAWX share your beliefs. Rivera is the best EVER at what he does and he will SHUT YOU DOWN in the long run.

See you all at the ring ceremony. I'll be the one peeing on Manny from on top of the MONSTAH!!!

Welcome back Da Kine. Hope your recovery is speedy and complete. You comin' up on the net, even with only one hand to comment on the Sox' first regular season win--now THAT's pissah!

Oh, and BigBri--SHADDUP! They just don't scare us anymore.

Does anyone know if BigBri is related to Frank from Gloucester. In my mind, I hear Frank's slobbery voice in BigBri's writing.


If I ever found myself in the unfortunate position of living in Gloucester (which I'm sure you maniacs pronounce GLOW-CHEST-AH or GLOWSTA or some other ridiculous mangling of the english language) or any OTHER part of the horrbile state of Taxachussettes, you can bet your pale, bumpy, irish ass I'd move myself back to the great state of New York, toot sweet.

Go Yanks!

Welcome Back Da kine!!!

We missed ya man. Glad to hear you're up and about. Perhaps it is your triumphant return that sparked the chokees return to form!

Da Kine, man is it good to see your banter on my screen. I think I speak for all of us when I say how happy we are to know that you are healthy and have come back to us. I'm proud to know we have gents like you over there fighting for our side, brother.

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