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Our complicated world

If you read only one thing this week, baseball related or otherwise, it should be the Bill James interview at SoSH.


No kidding. What I like best about James is how his baseball analysis leads to insight beyond the game.


Like how "the concept of 'professionalism,' has damaged our culture in so many ways"?


Absolutely. Or here's anothah, "Standardization destroys the ability to adapt." He's discussing the height of pitching mounds, but you can apply the same theory to education or battlefield tactics in a war.


And this is one for the ages: "The real world is vastly more complicated than the image of it that we carry around in our heads. Many things are real and important that are not explained by our theories—no matter who we are, no matter how intelligent we are."


It's like the Zen thing of a wise man knowing that he is not wise.


Absolutely … Hey, you heard the latest on our man Da Kine?


I wince reading through that list of injuries … makes Schilling's bloody sock seem like kid's stuff.



It's appropriate you bring up Da Kine. He would have eaten up the Bill James stuff, to be sure.

Hopefully he'll be back among us soon.

Real world fun... I always get a kick out of seeing the search terms that lead people to The Soxaholix site.

Check out these from this morning:

4 lebanese women
3 soxaholix
2 get sexy
2 hand shake red sox
2 pod casts
2 red sox curse october 27, 2004
2 salted cod
2 sexy lebanese women
2 soxaholic
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1 "a-fraud" yankees
1 "centipede sting"
1 "frequent micturition"
1 "house of sand and fog" negotiation
1 "hysterical pregnancy"
1 "i live for this" ads
1 "jason varitek" + "blog" + "sexy"
1 "july 7, 2004"
1 "lebanese chicks"
1 "paris hilton's feet"

Holy crap, Da Kine's injury list makes Evel Knievel look soft...

James' statements re: "leadership, hustle, focus, intensity, courage and self-confidence" are the final word in quantifying the intangibles required for success...

I've seen some individuals, particularly on SOSH, debate the merits of such player characteristics and I never understood this.

My thought is that there are those out there who have not played organized sports since grade school and just don't have a proper perspective about things...

OK, H.B...like a PBS pledge drive--these things must be addressed...

Wow, someone out there really wants to see some Lebanese women and is getting sorely disappointed.

I agree SawxSince67, sports are very important to the fabric of society. Not only do they give fans a focus, but it teahces so much to the players (youth especially) about working hard, and you can't win at everything, and practice does equal getting better.

Youth sports that "don't keep score" are short changing the process. If no one loses, than no one wins, and we are all standardized. I think that is a true downfall of society, fear of competition.

Paris Hilton's feet? I don't even want to know what the dude who typed that into Google was thinking ... btw, what exactly is Paris Hilton famous for?

Favorite bit from James:

Standardization is an evil idea. Let’s pound everybody flat, so that nobody has any unfair advantage. Diversity enriches us, almost without exception

Very, very glad that it looks like Da Kline is going to be okay, even though it sounds like he's got a long recuperation ahead. At least he gets to do it in Hawaii, watching the defending World Champion Boston Red Sox!

The James' interview on SoSH really is outstanding.

And doesn't everyone come here looking for good salted cod recipes and sexy lebanese women? It can't just be me!

All your sexy lebanese women are belong to us.

Does anyone else feel that the thing about "the concept of 'professionalism,' has damaged our culture in so many ways" has ridiculous amounts of analogies to the Red Sox vs the Yankees?

Could the Red Sox help bring back diversity?? At least they can bring back scrappy ass ball players with ugly mugs and lousy haircuts. Works for me.

I wonder what we could do to get Da Kine an audience with Curt? D'ya think we have the power to make this happen?

That'd be cool. W'sup Da kine...

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