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Behold the highlight

My ass is dragging big time today … All night I kept dreaming I was really exhausted and every time the alarm clock would go off I'd say, "No, I can't do it. I'm too tieahd." Then the alarm clock went off for real.


Yeah, while you're hitting the snooze and hoping it's the nightingale and not the lark, the real tough guys are already done with their bad ass workout for five tool playahs.


No kidding. I need some performance enhancing drugs or something.


Isn't that cheating?


To quote BALCO Barry, "I don't know what cheating is."


Oh, great defense. I'm going to use that on Mrs. Johnny Damon when I get caught in flagrante delicato with her man meat.


You're liking Jesus in blond highlights I take it?


He will be revealed himself, but his image is hidden by his highlights.


Wretched is the body that is dependent on a body.


I witness to that, my young Goodman Brown, do I evah.



hb you did it. you finally found a literary reference that was so far above the head of your readers that they are intimidated into silence...way to go!

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