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Training to be a cage fighter


Maybe I do need to reassess the situation. Then again being in a flippin' coma most of the season, would make it easy to be the kind of manager who "kept secrets, protected reputations, and prevented isolated personnel problems from mushrooming into destructive media conflagrations." [Laughs]


But whatevah it was, it worked, eh?


Fuck yeah it did. He can rock his ass off in the dugout and make questionable moves all he wants. Francoma's getting a free pass from me.


You are so absolutely full of shit. You'll be all ovah Francona's ass the first chance you get.


[Imitating the voice of Napoleon Dynamite] I'll do whatever I feel like I wanna do, gosh!


[Laughs] That was the sweetest flippin' movie of 2004.


Yeah all I do these day is watch Napoleon Dynamite and Faith Rewarded DVDs ovah and ovah again.



Faith rewarded kicks the MLB piece of crap in the nuts. I had to reevaluate my entire life after reading the globe piece. I'll never call him "Francoma" again. I can't believe Manny punked coach on the first day of spring training like that. Yo, Manny, he ain't the one who put you on waivers!

Napoleon Dynamite is the worst fucking movie in the history of the world.

"Napoleon Dynamite is the worst fucking movie in the history of the world."

As Kip would say, "Voodoo Vern, like anyone can even know that."

So, we've got at least one MFY player (Giambi ?)that's been outed as using steroids, don't we? What action's going to be taken against him?

Happy New Year h.b.!

I just put Napolwon Dynamite in my Netflix queue. Good article, I was a little surprised at JWH speaking so freely about clubhouse issues last year.

And while I must admit that Faith Rewarded is better overall, I'm partial to the official MLB WS DVD because I'm in it for a split-second (along with the rest of the crowd at the Riviera) during the 9th inning of Game 4.

"One of the few remaining questions is whether Millar or Mientkiewicz will be the regular first baseman. Both want to play every day, and while Epstein plans to trade one of them before Opening Day, Francona deviated from his quest for team harmony to suggest an alternative resolution. 'Let's give them some boxing gloves,' he joked, 'and let them fight it out.'"

I was once involved in a very lengthy contract negotiation. The contract went though many drafts. The personality at the top of each of the two parties were real Type A's. So one day, as I was revising the draft, I edited the "Conflict Resolution" section along the lines of, "If the parties do not resolve an issue using previously involked methods, the managing individuals will duke it out in the parking lot with baseball bats." This was rejected by the other party, with some indignation that I was not taking the negotiations seriously. My boss (the other managing individual), OTOH, thought it was VERY funny.

My concern with Francona was that looked too much like Ghandi to be taken seriously. There's a fine line between being too protective of your players and being a whipping post. I guess, in hindsight, he did it well enough. But, this being the Red Sox, Francona will wear out his welcome eventually and take the same rail out of town ridden by Messr. Little, Williams et al.

I took my 14 yr old daughter to Napolean Dynamite, and felt like my brain was being sucked out with a straw.

Call him a "retah" if you like, I prefer "savant". As for the Ghandi allusion, the dude dissed the British Empire wearing a diaper and not eating...right up Tito's alley. As Mahatma/Tito might say, "Nonviolence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man."

Of course, Tito could be pulling a Ben Kingsley in "The House of Sand and Fog" - Keep him away from the duct tape and plastic garment bags.

There is no flippin' way my movie sucks. IDIOTS! Ugghh.

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