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Pondering Plunder

Not to sound totally callous, but can we dial back from tsunami 24 fucking 7 yet?


No kidding, I got the memo: big fucking wave, no fucking warning, give shitloads of money already you wealthy not drowned bastahds.


For fuck's sake I'm ready to get back to some, you know, real news like Michael Jackson, Amber Frye and horny high school teachah bitches having lewd and licentious acts with teenaged boys.


Back in high school, I so fucking wanted my 9th grade English teacher, Ms Honeywell, to have a lewd act with me. Every 4th period was a total fucking morning wood fest. I'd fantasize that she'd keep my after class to say, "Mike, we've discussed a lot of Shakespeare in our lessons, now I'd like to shake your spear in a special after school lesson…"


Ah, a crude yet highly effective teenage masturbatory fantasy. Speaking of have you heard we are getting Delgado and Beltran for Manny and a fuckload of other playahs?


I think my high school fantasy with Ms. Honeywell was more likely than that. But, you know, crazy shit does happen from time to time?


Therein lies a great truth: The more implausible the plundah, the more plausible the plundah becomes.



my fantasy was about a maths teacher.

She had always wanted to play for the redsox

Miss Honeywell? Sounds like an Austin Powers hottie.

Oh Behave!

God, that tsunami shit is really
messed up.

I've always had a thing for
teacher types. Once I had a crush
on my older female boss. It was weird,
she would yell at me and I would think
she was so dreamy...

"Every 4th period was a total fucking morning wood fest"

H.B.: That line alone is why I love you. You are the master of the phallic metaphor!

Unfortunately when I was in school, only the male teachers were banging he students. Thankfully I didn't get chosen for that duty.

so on the Tsunami, we could have a spnsored swim to raise funds

before you ask, I haven't got the ball

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