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One ball to rule them all

Rider on Green Line:
Well, I naively thought the trade of Minky to the Mets would mean the end of ballgate dominating the Red Sox news, but no frickin' way.


Who knew one ball had so much powah. Now we're subjected to a joint announcement by player and team? Ah, priorities, people …


Rider on Green Line:
Christ, I should have known this crapfest was taking on Biblical proportions when that so called "Sox decision-maker" said he thought the whole thing was "disgusting." Disgusting? I take sports seriously, but come effin' on.


Yeah, someone needs to gather up some embryonic stem cells and attempt to grow this decision-maker a new set of balls so not only can he learn to discern the difference between the trivial and the tragic, but also so he has the courage to speak on record fercrissakes.


Rider on Green Line:
Absolutely. But something tells me this dude's decision-making around Yawkey Way is limited to whethah the crappahs will feature Charmin or Cottenelle.


Does it mean I'm a bad fan if I don't rush right out to see this Ball of Turin when it goes on "immediate public display"?



Rider on Green Line:
Yeah, but Kos also said Howard Dean was the next big thing.



I feel strangely numb about the whole Ballgate thing. I could really give a rat's ass about that ball. Did anyone honestly give a shit about it before the Redheaded Freak started asking questions? I sure didn't.

I'm somewhat sad to see Mnkqtitwvicz go. I know he wasn't an integral part of the team or anything, but I liked to watch him play. Seems kinda pussy-whipped, though.

Ballgate; it seems to me that at the end of the day we can bang on about, if an office worker has a right to take the phone out of his cube and take it home etc. Who was holding the ball when the music stopped (or in this case the cheering started). For me it's about a guy who turns up half way throught he season (I'm not going to say he made no contribution) and decided that he had a bigger right to possesion of the ball than an organisation that had waited that long to have a ball that signified that much.
I'm glad he was traded, I said it before I wanted him traded out, I'll keep Millar thanks, and I'm prepared to be irrational about this, I'm more a Sabr' than not but I will take Millar over that other dickhead any day. When the boy waonder was asked if the ball was a factor I wanted him to say "Damn right, we tried to trade the fucker to the emerging North Korean baseball league but his wife wouldn't let him go."

You nailed it, h.b.--a crapfest of Biblical proportions.

"Damn right, we tried to trade the fucker to the emerging North Korean baseball league but his wife wouldn't let him go."

Great line!

You don't have trackback, so...http://patsox.blogspot.com/2005_01_01_patsox_archive.html#110683590323064548

I dunno, it's one thing if were talking
confidential customer files or design info...

If I was Minky I'm not sure I'd turn it
over, and if Lucchino started badmouthing me,
I'd ebay the fuckin thing and donate the
proceeds to charity...

I need to turn on that trackback thingy one of these days, Beth.

Your post re Kos was spot on. Absolutely.

HB, awesome! I've been outta touch with Sox news for the past month as I traveled, and this is the first thing I read when I came back home. And as usual, great job. As sad as I am to see Meink go, which is not really all that sad, I am glad Millar gets to play a lot more. I like him. And why do we care what Meink's wife says? I mean, come on.

With all due respect, why are some of you drinking CHB's Kool-Aid? You're ripping on Doug for keeping a baseball so important that he was the only one that thought of it's whereabouts after the game and kept it safe for months before anyone else even thought of the ball again. This is only a story because CHB wanted to stir up trouble during a very happy offseason that happened to kill his cash cow. And if Doug is such a jerk for all of that, how about calling Millar out for going after his manager in the press for sitting him one game after said manager stuck by him through his first half of the year Crespo imitation? How about either fabricating a story or divulging private clubhouse moments (the shot story) for the sole purpose of looking cool on national TV.
I'm sorry, but Millar should have been the one sent packing. He's older and in poorer shape then Doug. He can't carry Doug's glove and Doug was more effective at the plate the two years before this past one; a year when he was injured and had to split time. They make the same amount of money, and all things considered I'd say Millar's "crimes" are a lot worse than Doug's. The only way this is acceptable is if the market was much lower for Millar, something we'll never know.

I'm with Kellen on Mientkwczxkwzqxz vs. Millah. I love Millar as much as the next guy, but he'll be gone before spring training starts in '07. Doug M is an investment in defense, something Theo was interested in shoring up last year (which I also happen to think is a good thing). Millar's had a marginally better bat lately, and that's factoring in Doug M's slump; Mientkwzxcvzxkzvw beats him in the defense department any day of the week and twice on sunday. Keep in mind this whole "fiasco" began when Doug, the Boston sports media neophyte, made the cardinal mistake of talking to Dan "what do I hang my career on now?" Shaughnessy and assuming he wouldn't be made to look like an ass in the process. Whipped? Maybe. But the guy made a mistake. It's bad enough we have to tolerate Shaughnessy in Red Sox orbit, but can we not roast a guy at the whim of a guy who gets off on roasting otherwise good players?

And as for Kos, I thought the next big thing is quasipolitical bloggers who think they're bigger than the news they report.

h.b., congratulations on the Bloggie! I have no freakin' idea what a Bloggie is, really, but if there are Bloggies to be had, you deserve 'em.

I would be interested in obtaining a 2005 schedule for the North Korean baseball league. If anyone has one please let me know. Thanks...Voodoo Vern

I'm so 50/50 on the Minky/Millar deal it's pathetic. Mad Fielding, average-ish Bat v. Mad Batting, average-ish Glove...defense wins championships, but does not hit 3 HRs in one game against THE Rival. Tough for me...
My one nagging question: is Millar TRULY the glue in the clubhouse or comic-relief or a real pain in the ass? The answer to this question may have been the most relevant for Theo.
The deal with the ball? Personally, not a GIANT issue, but a true gentleman asks befores he takes.

H.B., congradulations on the award, dude.

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