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Memorabilia? Not so much.

This Minky-Ball-Gate story reminds me why I always go all glassy eyed and catatonic when someone starts going all reverential about their recent trip to Cooperstown. I really don't give a fuck about "memorabilia."


Yeah and what the fuck is up with getting the ball "authenticated" by Major League Baseball officials? How the fuck do you authenticate something like that? Do baseballs have DNA all of a sudden?


Oh, this sounds like a potential hit TV show. It's CSI meets ESPN in Fox's new hit series that everyone is talking about "SMA: Sports Memorabilia Authentication" Mondays at 9.


[Imitating a TV voiceover] "In a very special cold case episode, at a suburban garage sale a reformed drug dealer claims to have the crowbar used to injure Nancy Kerrigan's knee in 1994. Join the crack SMA team as they rush in to authenticate! See what dark secret they reveal."


Fuck yeah. The team would be made up of the scientist, the clairvoyant one, the rookie, and the hard scrabble, cigar chomping, older tough guy father figure.


And one of them, probably the clairvoyant one who when handling the memorabilia can "see" the past, should be played by a hot chick who wears tight, low cut blouses.


Abso-fucking-lutely. And maybe give her a French accent too, just for the fuck of it. And, of course, the scientist should be played by a minority, maybe half black, half Chicano, just to covah all your bases.


And think of all the fucking spinoff series you could have like "Sports Drug Testing Squad" … this joint is pure network gold. Stories "ripped from the headlines" and all that shit.


Must fucking see TV. You got that right.



authenticating the ball would have to be easier than dusting for vomit. For me it's not about the 'ball' it's that he thinks it's his ball. His name in the locker room is probbaly still written on a piece of tape and he thinks it's his ball.
I'll tell you the spin off Minky should be in "SMA:Washington"

I think the first investigation should
be to check out Bucky Dent's bat. I've
heard that it was loaded with superballs
or some shit...

I'm sorry but what is up with spending
$175 for an autograph at card shows??
I prefer to spend my money more wisely,
like on cigarettes and scratch tickets!!

You're right. Big deal. It's one of dozens of balls used that game. Give me tickets and the experience of being a witness to history rather than a artifact.

Having worked for Upper Deck, Inc., I saw firsthand how crazy people go for memorabilia and how specious it can be. Let Doug have the ball. After all, Theo traded him because he could hold on to the ball. Now Mink+The Ball has the same $ value as Nomar.

For those who say Doug wasn't a big part of the team, he did have close to, or more ABs than Bill Mueller. I hope he can come back. I like his play, and would like to see what he can do with 500+ ABs.

Is if Spring Training time yet? Please God make it come...soon

Mueller had 399 ab's and Miknky had 116 after the all star break (couple of weeks before he was traded) and only 8 post season ab's
je repose mon cas

Your $ better spent on beers at the Fen then some "allegded" World Series ball. Let Minky get what he can, the dude plays hard and had to watch high-priced primadonnas (some departed, some still on the roster) make terrible fielding plays for hundreds of thousands of dollars a game while he was has a tremendous glove and gets paid what others spend on hair care products.

Sorry to see Lowe go, glad he is going where he won't be thought of as a head-case. Hell, he might seem downright "normal" in LA-LA land. Compared to Milton Bradley he's Joe-Well-Adjusted. Good Luck, Derrick

How much more can the Sox and CHB piss on the afterglow? Everyone was worried about how the fans handle the success, but it's pretty obvious that it's the team and local media that have the problem. I'm sure CHB is spinning this into the New Curse as we speak - the Curse of the Minky Ball - and the book will be out by the time pitchers & catchers report.
Minky should keep the ball because he friggin caught it - a VAST improvement over past Sox first basemen. Is that little irony lost on everyone?

chaglang, you might be right, if Millar had been at first Foulke might have put the ball in his pocket rather than risk tossing it.

I know this is off subject, but this is fresh off the wire on NY Newsday, courtesy of Mike Casey @ newsday.com

Big Unit shoves cameraman:
If today's actions are any indication, Randy Johnson has a lot to learn about dealing with the New York media. The Yankees' newest acquistion engaged in a heated exchange and shoving match with a CBS News cameraman Monday on a Manhattan sidewalk.Johnson, who is expected today to clear the last hurdle in the blockbuster trade that sent him from the Arizona Diamondbacks to New York by completing a physical exam, was confronted by the cameraman as he exited a building, accompanied by two security guards. As the camera rolled a few feet away from the 6-foot-10, 231-pound Johnson, he reached out to block the lens. "C'mon man, I'm just taking a picture," the cameraman said as the security guards attempted to intervene. "No pictures," they warned him.As the tape continued to roll, Johnson became more agitated. He appeared to shove the cameraman while brushing past him and Grumbling "Get out my face!"
"C'mon Randy, I'm just taking a picture!" the photographer repeated."I don't care who you are. Don't get in my way, and don't talk back to me!" Johnson scolded as he continued to try to block the lens. Security guards again intervened, hurrying the 41-year-old lefty away as the cameraman stood in disbelief. "Welcome to New York!" he shouted after Johnson, who by that time was about 20 feet away with his back to the camera.

That didn't take long, did it?


No problem being off topic when you have breaking news like that!

This story is the best thing I've heard all day. I think this is going to be a very interesting season.

GaryGeiger for President!!!

Nice! The Big Eunuch just pulled a Sean Penn. I am sure he will have no problem with the respectful and thoughtful Stinky fans, or for that matter, the folks at opposing ballparks. Perhaps when he comes to Boston we should all stand, tip our caps and applaud, politely. But, no pictures, please. What a freakin' nut job!

Why can't Shaughnessy just get off it? The curse is over and so is your claim to infamy. Stop being a stealth haytah.

Mientkiewicz got a hard lesson in how not to speak in anything but sports cliches to Boston press, because they will find a way to spin it in a negative light and make you look like an asshole. I like Minky too and I hope he stays; for the power, speed and situation hitting in the rest of the lineup (Damon/Renteria/Manny/Ortiz/Tek/Nixon/Mueller/Bellhorn) we can afford to have a "weak hitting" (career .238) gold-glover at first.

Why is it Minky is 'greedy' as seems to be the consensus of so many including the CHB as well as the columnist for my local paper, but Luccino gets a free pass?
What did Luccino say, that there's a 'gray area' in so far as what the players can take home from the ballpark?
When they say the ball should be in a museum for all the Red Sox fans to see, how much will they be charging to see it? And will the people who paid $10 to be red sox fans get a discount by showing their nation card?

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