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I Live for This

Rider on Green Line:
Hey, you gonna go down to Fenway on Saturday to try and get selected for that new MLB "I Live for This" ad campaign?


Fercrissakes, what do you think I am, one of those American Idol wannabees? I just don't do the "exuberant, over-the-top fan waiting to audition" very well. Besides they'll be looking for youth demographic.


Rider on Green Line:
If MLB really wants to capitalize on the young male market, they should skip this real fan angle and just hire porn star Jenna Jameson to appear in their ads.


Fuck yeah! Take that "Chicks Dig the Long Ball" think to a whole otha level. Boom chicka waa waaa.


Rider on Green Line:
Hey, have you seen that crazy viral VW Polo ad? The one with the suicide bomber?


Viral ads fucking rule.


Rider on Green Line:
Hell yeah they do. OK here's my viral MLB satire ad idea … In "CSI-style" we open with a close up of a room filled with (everywhere) obvious lab equipment …


Test tubes and beakers and shit?


Rider on Green Line:
Yeah, exactly. Scales, funky colored liquids in tubes … then the camera pulls out to reveal a guy, a scientist type in a white lab coat, he's wearing safety glasses and looking earnestly at a hypodermic needle …


I'm following … guy is some sort of chemist or something.


Rider on Green Line:
Right! Now with that established, the camera pulls way back, wide angle, full shot of lab, to reveal a TV on the periphery, appears to be a baseball game on the TV. Jump cut to a close up on the TV. It's a totally bulked up stud swinging and hitting a towering effin' homah. Jump cut back to the chemist, close up on his face. He's smiling. He turns to face the camera and say, "I Live for This!"


Ohmigod that's it! Better living through chemistry.



That shit's cold, hb. Jason 'mystery ailment' Giambi and Barry 'in the clear' Bonds are going to feel that you think ill of them.

I like the Jenna Jameson idea. When the new 'I Live for This' ad comes on, who would you rather look at, Mike Shuster or Jenna Jameson? Its a no brainer.

Jenna Jameson is a porn starlet? Uh, dude, hate to tell you but Jenna's been around the block a few times. Star, sure. Starlet, ...?

Who used the word "starlet"? Was that in the other site the link points, too? If so, then you're barking up the wrong tree.

Hey, HB..you used "think" instead of "thing" in the 4th panel...kinda funny you have a typo the day after you ask people to tell you if you have a typo!!!! Cheers, & go Pats!!!

As Pee Wee Herman would say, "I planned that!"


Personally... and not that I'm biased... but I think that tying baseball in with sex is an excellent marketing technique.

And hey! You could even get girls who actually like baseball to do em!

Can we get some of these honeys to do a pole dance, a "Pesky Pole Dance"??

Can I get an A-men??

Re: starlet - I was referring to the content of the link, not what you wrote.

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