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Era of Errors

Still poking the hot stove fire as January takes hold …

If I'm a Yankees fan …


Ewwwww! Gross thought. [Laughs]


Yeah, I feel soiled just saying it, but if I were, heaven forbid, a Yanker, I'd be scratching my head over this alleged pass on Beltran.


Oh, no effin' doubt. Spend all that money to get Randy Johnson and then just take a pass on the best free agent out there? Makes no fucking sense.


All we hear from the so called intelligentsia of Yankee fandom is all that shit about the Yankees "not asking for the current set of rules they operate under" and how George is such a magnanimous and great man for working the system and putting the best team money can buy on the field each year for his fans, for his people. "George just wants to win blah fucking blah" and all that …


And yet he doesn't even put an offer on the table for Beltran?


I fucking love it. While the Spankees management remain focused on responding to their horrific beat down at the hands of Schilling and Company in an effort to win it all in 2005, they are blind to the fact that very soon they're going to find themselves in need of a centerfielder, second baseman, catcher and staff ace.


And 2005 is fah from a given for the Mystique and Aura punks from the Bronx.


I am so loving this Slappy McBluelips era of Yankees desperation moves by players and bosses alike.



As usual, right on target. The Skanks are very quickly becoming "golden moldies".
They're gonna work the Big-Eunuch's ass like a rented mule until he becomes another Kevin Brown with his knee injections.
Watch for desperation trades at the deadline...nothing new but the payroll.

The real fun is knowing that Johnson has a huge ego and a bit of a temper. Throw in ass monkey Jeter and his ego and his team captain bullshit, and you have yourself a lovely mess. The thought of them fighting to be head Whore gives me great delight!!!!

They are goin to need another ice machine in the spankee clubhouse and not for the Margueritas.
btw is ie me or did Marty really have nothinig say in frame 3?

"btw is ie me or did Marty really have nothinig say in frame 3?"

Sorry about that. Fixed now.

BTW that's "Bill." Marty is the Yankees fan bastahd who hasn't been around since last week.

OK, I got confused there for a second, I've only been reading this for 2 months, you'd think I'd have got the hang of it.
btw which ones Pedro

Shhhhhhh-h-h-hh! Keep it down, h.b.; I'm worried that if enough people keep pointing out to the CFYs what a bunch of idiots they are for not pursuing Beltran, they'll turn on a dime and offer him $125mm. THere's a thread on SoSH this morning suggesting that the CFYs may really be tapped out on payroll if they trade for Mullet-Head, but I don't believe it.

Alex Belth may think that he's running the thinking man's Yankee blog, but that comments section over at Bronx Banter is really one big CFY-Apologist Circle Jerk.

Oh, and I got my replacement "1918 heah" tee yesterday...just in time to annoy more CFY fans at the gym.

I think it's a shame if they don't get Beltran. I wanted to see how a money no object fantasy baseball team would pan out in the real world, I think that the clubhouse spirit could be similar to that of a fantasy team.

Hey, let them put a complete
lineup of guys who were all stars
in 1996. I'll pray every night
that they have an oakland raider
like roster meltdown... ;)

the average age in the dugout must be almost the same as when Zimmer was warming it.
I think Stone Burner would acquire Micheal Vick if cashmachine told him it would win a trophy, worrying thing is Selig would probably let him.

With the work the mets are putting in this off season, they could be more of an exciting team to watch than the Skanks.

Of course that would show how the fans are fair weather "friends," more interested rooting for what is easiest.

Hell, I know a couple ex-Skank fans who now say they are "Red Sox Fans" What assholes.

I gotta tell my Jim Rice story. His home run total should be upped by one. I was at old Comiskey Park in the '70's when they were playing the White Sox, with my Red Sox T-shirt and hat on. Jim hit one to left center, where the center field wall met the left field wall. These walls were about 20 feet tall, at least. This corner would be at least 410+ away from home plate at ground level. The ball cleared the wall, hit a fan standing right there trying to catch it, and bounced back on the field. The umpire said the ball had bounced off the wall, not the fan, and Jim got a double. Jim and the Sox protested to no avail, but I was sitting in the upper deck grandstand at the same level as the top of the wall and that ball cleared the top of the wall by 2 or 3 feet esay. I swear it was a home run.

heh heh. "Mystique and aura punks from the bronx". Thanks for giving me a new derogatory yankees reference that I can use in front of Aunt Ethel. This one was spot on. Do they even care about the future of their club, or has Steinbrenner revealed his development plan to be "buy every All Star two years off his best season"?

Brilliant stuff as always, HB

Today on FARK:


Captioned as:
"Seventeen ways the Yankees could tank next year. Strangely, "Collapsing under the weight of their own gluttonous hides of suckiness" isn't one of them"

Joey's right...I've switched from calling it the death star to the tool shed...

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