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Ask your doctor.

Oh.My.God. I can't believe this: Jason Giambi admits he used steroids.


Are you fucking kidding me? I'm agape and agog.


No shit. Is that a stunnah or what? I haven't been this astounded since the jury inexplicably found that nice and totally respectable Scott Peterson young man guilty for killing his pregnant wife Laci.


Who knew? Who the fuck knew?


This quote is the pissah: "Giambi testified that he didn't know what the pills were, though he thought the white one might have been Clomid, a female fertility drug that can enhance the effectiveness of testosterone." And he wonders why he got so fucking sick this season? Jeez.


And if there was any doubt that Jeremy was the dumber of the Giambi brothers, and that's fucking saying something mind you, we learn that Jeremy started taking steroids because his brother did and, quote, "Jason didn't die" unquote.


Sounds like Jeremy could be a future spokesperson for the pharmaceutical industry: "Hey, lots of fuckers are taking these little purple pills and they ain't dead yet. Ask your doctor if this dope is right for you."


Yeah, meanwhile the fucking Feds are breaking down doors to arrest cancer patients and those dying of HIV for smoking a joint to relieve pain because, you know, that's helping the terrorists and all.



I don't want to go hunting around for the comment, but I've been shouting this since way back. Still, the whole Balco thing is out of control. I read an article in Playboy or Maxim or something about how one obsessed IRS agent decided to take them down and began the vendetta. If someone's willing to suffer some mystery ailment that cuts short their career, that's their business. Me, I'll keep the flab and live past fifty.

Look at what happened to Lyle Alzado and Ken Caminiti (although the latter was more cocaine than 'roids). Up-and-coming athletes should be given these stories as a good cautionary tale at their leagues' respective rookie seminars if they don't already do this.

Sadly, the cautionary tale doesn't have a chance of competing with the 8-year, $120 million contract.

They see the gold, and think "I won't mind a little tendinitis..."

What a fuck'n diiiink that Jeremy is!!! The sad thing ,though, is that it couldn't even help either one of their batting averages. Man, how shamefull!

This has been "The Elephant in the room that no one sees" for the longest time. Are we really surprised by the abnormal growth explosions of these "Man-imals" after thirty-five years of age?
Shit, I was hoping that if I "worked out like they do and took my "vitamins" I'd wake up one mornig at six foot six and jump through the roof of the gym.
What makes me want to puke on these cheating, smug, assholes, is their denial disrespect for everyone in general and how they shit on all the past great ball players like they were caveman and then they want you to repect them as amongst the greatest to play the game.
Fuck'em let the ignorant jerks kill themselves.

and to move the conversation to it's logical route what about B Bonds esq and the long ball?

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