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Where's Eddie Yost when you need him?

Oh, it ain't ovah, baby! The Fuckeye State could come through yet.


Oh, fuck yeah. That'll work. Keep the fucking faith, dude. [Snickers]


Seriously. Kerry's at one with the Red Sox spirit of being down 0-3 to the Yankees. Nevah give up. Anything can fucking happen and does.


Oh, is that what you think Kedward's dealio is like? Seems to me it's more of an embarrassing desperation move ala A-Rod's sissy chop of Arroyo and trying to interfere with an easy put out at first. Sad. Really fucking sad. But not at all unexpected from our vainglorious Senator.


Save your gloating until all the votes are counted, Dougie.


Chop. Chop. Chop. Poor A-Johns.



I think that every newsbroadcaster who made the John Kerry/Red Sox comeback analogy last night should be forced to clean the Spankee Stadium urinals for the next year.

Don't fucking co-opt the great accomplishment of our Brave Idiots with this election.

Baseball ovah heah. Politics ovah theah.

Like I said earlier when G38 campainged for Bush...don't mix politics with baseball. Like earlier this year....The Prez came to my hometown of St Louis to throw out the first pitch for Opening Day and still found time to do a campaign stop here the next day where he invoked a lot of baseball metaphors...This is the man who, if he had his way, would have kept the Sox out of the playoffs this year. And we have to endure 4 more years of him

I like the idea of having most newscasters clean out the toilets at the Toilet...only question if if they are the trough-style urinals and if they'll have to eat out of them to see how clean they are!

"I spent one year shirking my duties as a United States Senator to run for President, and all I got was this lousy $400 haircut".

It's easy for Schilling to smile about Shrub's victory. His kids don't need public schools and he'll never care if he gets social security or not.

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