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What's the frequency, Manny?

The Red Sox get blanked 2-0 by the Mariners and finish 5-2 on their West Coast trip …

So Manny is the third batter of the game and can see Damon's on base yet somehow concludes there are two outs?


Live by the Manny, die by the Manny. I'll take the occasional Mannyism any day or the week.


No doubt. You see his numbers on this road trip? .304 with four home runs, seven RBI and six runs scored


And on the season, Manny has scored or knocked in 174 of the Red Sox' 825 runs this season - a team-leading 21 percent - and will finish the season with more than 40 home runs, 100 RBI and 100 runs scored.


No shit. Thank God the trade sending him to boot scootin' shuffleville for the sissy pretty boy fell through, huh?


Hey, did you hear the internet is going to break?


'Bout effin' time. How many blogs and amateur porn sites is too many blogs and amateur porn sites? [Laughs]


Hell, yeah. And once the internet is gone bust we can get back to letting the news guys make shit up as they go.


Absolutely. This whole truth thing is way overrated. If I want truth, I can watch The Weather Channel fercrissakes. I watch the network news solely to marvel at the superiority of botox and tanning beds as a lifestyle choice by the anchors.



Rooting for Manny is the ultimate "skull fuck." I love him dearly for I believe he is the best hitter in baseball. There is nobody that makes an adjustment as he sees the pitch better than he. Will he be chosen MVP? Or will his pot head antics cost him? How much does he care? He's pulling down in 1 month what some of us won't see in a lifetime. If I read somewhere that a bong was found in his car, I'd only nod and say "Told you!" All of his behavior can be directly attributed to the use of the devil's flower, no? The hair do's, the inconsistant behavioral patterns, the frequency of brain farts all bring me back to the THC induced 70's I've read about. And if this indeed so, I'm overnighting a bag of rip your face off "kind bud" to Dave McCarty.

Manny is a loveable dink, but no matter how rarely Lowe does well, I will never like him. I flinch in revultion when I hear he is on the mound.

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