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Two will have to do

The Red Sox take two of three from the Yankees in the club's final regular season home series…

So if the Coma doesn't channel the ghost of Grady Little on Friday night, the Sox sweep the Spankees?


I'd fucking forgive Francona if he hadn't told the world he'd given up on beating Baltimore after Thursday night's game to "protect" his bullpen.


Between Francona's fucked up managerial strategery and Dale condemn them Sveum, it's going to be an uphill battle getting deep into October.


Assuming we even get into October beyond next weekend in Baltimore. Plenty of time left for Terry tomfoolery to fuck up a sure thing.


So if Pedro thinks the Yankees are his fucking "daddy," then Kevin Brown must think the Red Sox are his Mesmer.


No shit. Not making it out of the first inning, allowing four runs on six hits … Brown needs to find another body part to break. Fucking beady eyed hot head.


Yeah, I'm trying to figure out what's worse. Having a starter who shits in his own pants with fear or one so stupid he breaks his own hand punching walls?


All I know is thank God and Theo Epstein we have Curt Schilling on our side.


Amen to that. And if Schilling isn't the number one starter going into the post season, I'll start punching walls.



Francona admitted friday that he has never watched game 7. That bothers me. I propose to management to demote Francona to bench coach.

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