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Tickets, Hard to Come By

The Red Sox get a so-called ugly win over the Devil Rays in a game lasting more than 3 and ½ hours …

Am I the only one who entertained thoughts of drinking nail polish remover when Cantu took Leskanic deep to tie it? Note to self: Don't let the Mechanic work on my Mini.


No, kidding. I confess I switched over to that HBO doc on the hookers I had on TiVo right after that.


Ah, the 'ho fest … How was that? Couldn't have been any uglier than watching Francona pimp through "15 field players and six pitchers" …


Oh, it was fucking enlightening. For instance I learned one needs to suck 7 to 8 dicks to make a thousand dollahs in Atlantic City whereas in Vegas a mere one dick sucking will get you a grand.


Well, what do you expect? Jersey is a hell hole. Hey, considering the Red Sox have sold out every home game this year, how many dicks you figure one will need to suck to get a ticket next year?


No shit. Even adding 2000 seats, getting a Fenway ticket even for anything but a Tampa Bay game in April will be a matter of who you know or who you blow.


I'm checking my little Blackberry right now. Maybe I'll whore myself out like that slut Cutler.


Fuck yeah. This city could use a Bostonienne



To those asshole "Red Sox Fans" (The ones that wear the Yankee's suck t-shirts.) You know, the fuck-tards that wanted to run Francona out of town (Yeh, you Ted) when was the last time the starting 5 from opening day not only didn't miss an inning due to injury, but got stronger as the season went? Some douche bag from Medford just called Ted Nation and started bitching that Schill was left in "too long." I'd like to sit in that radio station and watch the caller ID's for these limp dicks' addresses. Just so I could drive to their house and Skakel them when they make those f-ing comments. I love my Sox and I love HB...

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