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The Chokeland Chant

The Red Sox sweep the A's! …

Can you believe this shit? The Sox finish "the most important 9 games of the season" with an 8-1 record!


The Red Sox' progress this year is fucking glacial … What started slowly, beneath the surface, is now a merciless churning …


Didya hear the Chokeland crowd chanting "19-18"?


That's so fucking lame, having to borrow your chants from Spankees' fans.


You'd think fans who elected Jerry Moonbean Brown as mayor of their stinky city and who root for a team that wears motherfucking white shoes could be, I dunno, original or some shit?


Right, right, something like "We're here. We're queer. In the playoffs, we'll disappear." [Laughs]


As that genius Joe Morgan has often said, Billy Beane shouldn't have written that book. [Laughs]



a good response chant: "Nine straight series".

what was worse was when D-Rays people held up "1918" signs at the Trop--a real smooth move considering the response sign there is "NEVER".

Ha! I almost spit coffee onto my keyboard with the "team that wears motherfucking white shoes" comment. Great strip, hb.

I was at all three games, and the Oakland fans are WEAK. We cleared a whole section of their bleachers Monday night with our heckling, and when they started the mass exodus in a one-run eighth inning, we started the "Beat the Traffic" cheer. Lame, lame, lame. Oh yeah, talk about Penis Envy, over the entrance ramp is a sign that says "The House that Eck/Rollie/Ricky/Reggie/Whoever Built." Fer chrissakes.

Yeah, I gotta agree, it's pretty shameless for fans of a frachise which has now choked in 6 straight playoff series going back to the '90 world series, including a massive choke job to us just last fall, to be bringing up 1918.

...and the whiteshoes comment is great.

That's it!!It is the shoes.I thought there was something funny about their uniforms; too tight at the ankles maybe, or it could be the pathetic players that wear'em.

So glad to hear the "white shoes" thing got Sox fans laughing.

Much of the dialog, including the idea of making fun of the white shoes, comes from bits and pieces of things I've said or were part of a conversation (including those I was a part of or was eavesdropping upon).

No mention of Arroyo's cornrows? I swear, I started liking that kid, then he has to go and look like a schmuck on national TV.

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