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Kissing the division goodbye

The Red Sox fall to the Orioles, splitting the four game series and losing a game in the Division race to the now playoff clinched Yankees …

So Francoma was trying "to protect some people" last night he says and that's why Myers stayed in forever and before turning to the non playoff rostered BK Kim?


So much for Coma man's bullshit last week about doing whatever it takes to win the Division.


Someone should remind Terry he's not running for President so there's no need to just make shit up as you go along. Simple question: Are we playing for the wildcard or the division, Terry?


Good luck getting the truth. Does anyone ever give a straight answer to anything these days? It's a fucking pathetic state of affairs everywhere I turn.


I'm resolving myself to kissing the wildcard frog with the hope it'll turn into a prince in my Red Sox fairy tale.


Yeah, speaking of fairy tales, somebody tell Little Bo Peep to stop the hunt for her fucking sheep and get down to the serious business of finding Lowe's lost sinkerball.


No joke. Two innings one start, five the next from our little Thumbelina.


I need some of those chill pills Damon's on. He says The Red Sox are the only relaxed people in town.


Well, Johnny Dreamboat Damon has an open invite to come over to my place anytime to help me relax.



Too little too late I realize, BUT . . .

Texas is not performing the expected September "fade"

And down the stretch they come.

So, it will be Sox - (rangers/Angels/A's) and Yankees - Twins. I think I prefer that matchup, the Twins scare me. I don't think the Yankees will get past them, so it will be Sox - Twins for the American League.

Good point. Texas has rebounded against all conventional wisdom.

The Soxaholix were way wrong on that one.

Mendoza pulled by the coma boy who goes with Epstein's albatross in a game still within reach proceeding a bombers 3 game set? huh what dafa is up with that?...think nobody is hoping bungy would just jump off a low bridge with a long cord? Now that would be a sinker with heat, in there for the strike!

Explain to me how myers gets the call in the 8th, tie game, and embree is warming up the next inning down by 2. And where the fuck was damon, i guess someone really has to let terry know that spring training is over.


Boston, MA:
For another year the newest owners of the Boston Red Sox have anally violated over 2.5 million fans. With the biggest shithole park and surrounding neighborhood known to man, the biggest gouge on the planet for prices for everything ($50.00 to park that goes straight to Al Qaeda) John Henry sits on his 150 million dollar yacht and laughs his shriveled testicles off. Having set another record in hiring a spineless pussy to "manage" his team John Henry looked at Larry Lose-Keno and laughed when that chemo'ed looking fuck pulled Fade-Ro in the 8th and Fade-Ro wouldn't even look at him. "We'll come out looking better than we did when we traded Blomar after we tell this Dominican douche bag to take his diva drivel bullshit back to that island he came from!" As Theo Inepstein removed John Henry's shoes and massaged his feet he was heard to say "Schilling told me if I land him a Victoria's Secret commercial, he'd take a wood plane and skin the choke fuck's skin off his back." Henry responded with "Shut up puppet bitch and make sure those $6.25 a beer signs are taken down for the playoffs and the $8.50 a beer signs go up." Then Larry's cell phone goes off and after a minute, he jumps up and yells "according to one of our stat geeks, there are more people in line right now waiting to piss at Fenway than will attend the average Celtic's game this year!"

Hey, I know this is off topic but a SHOUT-OUT to the jogger wearing the Soxaholix t-shirt on the W&OD Bike Trail in Falls Church, Virginia, today. Keep on representin'!

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