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Juiced for Giambi

The Sox put the Devil Rays away 11-4 …

Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the 20 game winner, Curtis Montague Schilling.


Bra-fucking-oh! A most remarkable milestone.


Yeah, remind me again how the Sox had two 20 gamers in '02 but failed the make the playoffs?


Dude, not just that, the 02 team had the pitchers with the top 3 ERA in the Majors and both Manny and Nomar in the exclusive 100 plus RBI club but didn't play in October. That was the year the Angels won like 400 games and the A's 399 … [Laughs]


Right, that was the year of the Mickey Mouse Club. Curse of the David Eckstein. Another fucking season of repressed painful memories.


No shit. Remember that victory parade held at Disneyland? What a fucking travesty. It's enough to make one put on a Goofy suit and start fondling innocent tweens. Hey, "I'm just being Goofy." No fucking harm done.


Speaking of goofy fucking costumes, you ready to see those raggedy assed Pinstripes all weekend or what?


Man, I'm so ready to see the Cornrow Kid go up against the now Juiceless Joke Giambi.


Yeah, don't worry Jason, Bronson doesn't intentionally throw at .214 hitters, either, even if they are former doper lying sacks of shit.



I'll be there tonight, sitting right on top of the MFYs' dugout...they don't realize the evening they're in for.

As for the Angels, I can't hate any team that knocks the MFYs out of the postseason...that was the first WS I had watched in years, since this reign of Evil began. This past Monday I was out in Phoenix on business, so I went to the BoB. They have the ball that Luis Gonzalez blooped over Jeter's head off of Fruitbat Rivera in a glass case at the entrance...I genuflected in front of it!

Right on re the Angels beating the Yanks. I was intending to cast aspersions on their ownership at the time. I'm still peeved by the Disneyland parade.

Plus I had to find a way to work in that "He was just beeing 'Goofy'" line from the CNN story, so I needed a Disney connection.

Have fun at the game!

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