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It's about baseball, stupid!

It took 12 innings, but the Red Sox get the win over the Orioles …

The Orioles are killing me. Talk about fucking pesky. Jeez.


Is it time jump off the Foulkeswagen? Where's his damn farfegnugen? You have to go back to Lee Smith to find the last Sox closer who was taken out of the yard in three straight appearances.


Better now than in October. He'll be fine. Besides, we've got Cabrera back from Bogotá and Manny and Ortiz become the first pair of Sox since Yaz and Rico in '69 to slug 40 homahs.


Speaking of the Manny Ortez, your Irish bro John Kerry disgraced Red Sox fans yet again by sucking up to Spankees fans, eh?


The man seems to be doing everything in his power to keep me from going to the polls. Isn't there anyone on his fucking staff, presumably made up of a couple of people from Boston, who are Sox fans?


No shit. It's perplexing. Anyone who understands the rivalry could have told him that respecting the Yankees while unabashedly hating them would win him the votes from both Red Sox fans and Spankees fans.


Yeah, someone should tell Carville, "It's about baseball, stupid!" for fuck's sake.


Hey, watch the language cowboy, haven't you heard, your use of obscenity isn't clever or witty, just tired.


Abso-fucking-lutely. [Laughs] Seriously, though, I do everything I can to avoid foul language in front of kids, especially at Fenway.


I'll do you one bettah: I do everything I can to avoid kids at all costs. Little fucking ritalin laced soccer loving disease spreading snot heads. [Laughs]


Yeah, Doug, don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel. [Laughs] Don't you have nieces and nephews you fawn ovah?


Yeah, and that's how I caught the fucking flu of death last year. No more I say. [Laughs]



Orlando's home run was huge last night. Especially after what he's been through as of late. But I can't help but wonder, why wouldn't he (or the Sox for that matter)have his wife transferred here to Boston? The hospitals here are the best in the world. I don't know what it is about that kid, but I love him. These P.T. Barnum owners better sign him. BTW, what do you do with Varitek? Can't throw out baserunners, might get 2 clutch hits a year and has Scott Whoreas for an agent. See ya Tek, hello Mirabelli and Shopach in 2005. Lastly, if I heard that fuckhole Butch Stearns was gang prison raped for 11 straight weeks, I'd laugh my ass off. I just celebrated my 12 year of hating that fucktard. "Schilling doesn't like Pedro" So what, NOBODY likes you!" I wonder what his real name is, something like Sidney?

That monstrous tome of a strip is masterful. It positively reeks of reality and hilarity. Bravo, I say.

How does one propose to Mr. Cabrera? Seriously. Oh, and I'm with Doug on this. Kids suck. The amount of snot they produce is other worldly. Gross.

Everybody was on bellhorns dick yesterday, then he returned to his normal self, almost costing them the game with his strikeouts with men in scoring position and less than two outs. When can francona realize it is a bad thing to have your worst hitter in the two hole, while you got a batting champ hitting 9th. Oh, and congrats to mr. bellhorn for setting the single season strikout record for a sox player despite platooning the first month of the season and missing another 15 games on the dl. Fucking bellhorn.

Agree that V-Tek might be gone. And you're right about Boston hospitals being among the best in the world. Don't know why he wouldn't bring his wife up here. Also, I'd be scared to death she'd get kidnapped in Colombia, which, I think, leads the world in that sort of thing or close to it.

JB now it's Cabrera for the proposal? Heh.

I didn't realize Bellhorn set the Sox single season SO record.

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