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Gesturing in Oakland

The Red Sox continue to dominate all foes, beating the Athletics 7-1 last night …

My only disappointment with the most recent raiding of Oakland is Lowe didn't leave the game with a crotch grabbing obscene gesture.


That's the sort of thing you can only do once. Can't be topped, really. Besides, giving up one lone run on five hits and four walks over 6 1/3 innings more or less personifies a "Bite me, Cocksuckers!" gesture all on its own.


Spankees won again, unfortunately. Meanwhile, the poor sonzabitches in Tampa Bay are in the path of another hurricane.


Yeah, it'll hit just before they start their series with the Sox at Fenway. Maybe we can ask for a forfeit if they can't make it? As the Yankees like to say, "the rules are the rules."


Oh, yeah. How's that fucking steroid rule working out for Giambi? You don't get a tumor in your mofo pituitary gland from chewable Flintstone's vitamins now do you?


Of course, we wish Jason "hey look I'm skinny again!" Giambi a speed recovery.


Why, yes, abso-fucking-lutely. It's not his fault he was born an idiot.



You know who needs a gesture? A gesture of epic proportions? That would be Eric Byrnes. Man oh man, he needs a Pedro fastball to the crotch.

Oh, man, is that Eric Byrnes one annoying man. Whenever I think of him, I think of his whiny, "oh-i'm-so-hurt" expression as he wandered around, limping, while Tek tagged him out last year in the playoffs. He never once showed any surprise or remorse that he just cost his team a run. Fucking moron.

Then his little pop-up slide 10 feet from the bag last night. Asshole.

I agree with JB. Dr. Martinez should administer some surgery on that cute little prick Byrnes. Perhaps a vasectomy, courtesy of a Pedro fastball. Bottom feeders like Byrnes should not be allowed to procreate. Go Pedro....

"Simpson's wardrobe checked by NFL"

Fuck me. Since HB has decided Susan's tits shall remain a mystery, now Tagliaboo (Mis-spelled due to proximity of Halloween) says no to Jessica showing some nipple? Thank heavens for thehun.net.

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