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Fact Not Fancy

Welcome back, Tara, maybe you should get shipped to the South American office more often. [Laughs] Maybe you're the jinx?


Funny, har-har, Bill. You know I don't believe in that crap. The Sox' turnaround is based in fact not fancy.


Now you're talking. Callaghan. And you've got to admire the stones Francona showed going to Myers last night after the slam bam he dished on Tuesday.


No shit, I was ready to cover my eyes expecting part 2 of a slasher film blood bath. But things are going so well even the trivial crap is falling into place: Pedro showed up for the team picture for the first time in 5 years.


When you're wearing the jerri, you gots ta represent. [Laughs]



I'm all for bringing Tara back, but as one of the most superstitious loons in Red Sox Nation, WHY would tempt fate like that?? Look, noone is allowed to mess with the Red Sox shrine atop my tv (souvenir mini-bat, zippo lighter, souvenir cup, Remdawg-autographed Wally, and [believe it or not] a "Red Sox - 1986 World Champions" patch). Last time somebody touched it during a game, the Sox gave up a 2-run bomb.

Don't mess wit da mojo, mon. Dat be very powerful stuff ... especially in Red Sox Nation!

Man, I hear you. I almost didn't dare bring her back, but I needed to at some point, as she figures into some other things I've had planned for the strip but haven't got to yet.

Plus her role is akin to Mr. Spock on Star Trek, she's all logic, engineering type and doesn't buy into any of the other mumbo jumbo of jinx and curses etc. (If only I could say that about myself.)

I have to tell ya, you guys shouldn't worry about Tara. This team can do no wrong. There. I said it. If Pedro shows up for the team picture, there are other forces at work here. Something mere mortals cannot comprehend. We're just along for the ride.

Ohhh, JB ... ya know, reading posts like that is like hearing Joe or Jerry (or Don or Jerry) say "Well, this guy at the plate is 4 for 12 against Derek Lowe but he's never hit a home run ... and THERE'S A DRIVE, DEEP TO LEFT ...."

So thank you, JB, for making me duck and cover as soon as I heard "this team can do no wrong".

And in a very quiet voice, I will admit that I agree ... maybe Pedro showed up for the team picture b/c he is more cosmically connected than the rest of us, and knows something we don't ... like this will be a VERY SPECIAL team picture in a coupla months ......

nothing bad can happen. i defy the baseball gods to show me a red sox loss.

Okay, you did that on purpose ... who let the Yankee fan in??

Ok. I will admit that I might have gotten a little over-zealous with the "team can do no wrong" comment but Johnny has crossed the line. Don't try your reverse Yankee jinx.

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