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Coasters are for drinks

The Red Sox were off on Monday and start a 3 game series against Tampa Bay tonight …

Is anything more predictable than a Texas Rangers fade in September?


No shit. They're baseball's version of a dead leaf pile on a suburban lawn.


You can set your clock by it. As soon as the Cowboys go into camp, the Rangers start their plummet downward.


Maybe the Tuna should drive over and give 'em a pep talk. You know, start referring to Rangers players as she and shit. You know all kicking ass …


Yeah, am I supposed to get all warm and fuzzy over, let's see, a baseball team wanting to win? What the fuck?


Whoo fucking hoo! I'm beside myself in gratitude.


Yeah, when I see the mailman today I'm going to be all like, "Oh, thanks, dude, for not giving up before you got to my address. Great fucking job!"


No shit. Imagine those guys at NOAA saying, "Ah, fuck, we know Ivan's going to hit somewhere eventually, that's good enough. Shut down the computers, let's go grab a couple of beers." [Laughs]


Heh. Hurricane Pedro tonight! Tampa Bay should begin to rush measures to protect life and property.



Speaking of kicking ass, the Kansas City Foils kicked a whole bunch of Spankee ass last night.

Oh, did they ever. I had the pleasure of watching that 10-run inning. Hoo boy. Fun for the whole family, I tell ya. Yanks had 7 pitchers in last night and the greatest was Tanyon Sturtze:

IP 0.2
ER 7
(And throw in a balk and wild pitch)

Why yes . . . there is one thing more predictable than a Texas Rangers fade in September.

If you're referring to the Sox, they don't have a history of fading in September. They tend to fade either just after the All Star Break (and not make the playoffs) or they struggle in October. But making it to the 7th game of the WS (or even 7th game of the ALCS like last year) doesn't really constitute a "fade" does it? It's more of a quick kick in the nuts.

The Rangers, on the other hand, do this nearly every year like clockwork with the exception of the one year ('96?) when they did make the playoffs.

this is simply the funniest fucking red sox blog in the land. great stuff as always, h.b.

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