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A little off the top

The Sox lose to the Mariners and Wakefield's knuckleball fails to flutter again …

Nothing lost in translation on this one, Ichiro San and the rest of the Mariners got into Wakefield like a Ginsu on sushi .


I have to confess that Ichiro is my fave opposing player. Love the way he treats the bat the way a Tarrentino character wields a sword.


Yeah, I hear that. My favorite from the opposition has been Rocco Baldelli, but going oh-fer against the Spankees? Hmmm … Not so much.


Wakefield's the only Sox pitcher to post losses in the last 16 games … is this just the nature of the flutterball or has the dude lost the mofo mojo?


Maybe it's that he hasn't gone the funky hair route?


What like Bronson Arroyo? What the fuck is up with that?


Cornrows are a questionable fashion statement on a Jamaican, but on a skinny white boy from Texas there's no doubt: that shit don't work.


Abso-fucking-lutely. Arroyo needs to go for that skinny white trash look like that guy in Brown Bunny. You know all fucking Charles Manson and shit. Chicks dig that joint.


Fuck, when exactly did this white trash, greasy hair, wrangler and trucker cap look become the "in" thing? Did I miss the fucking memo on that one?


No shit. Who knew that's the look that'll get you an onscreen hummer from a hottie like Chloe Sevigny?


Fuck yeah! I'd never wash my hair again for some of that indie-film chick action.



Maybe Wake should ease up on the acting career, do a few less Bernie & Phyl commercials (one's too many) and work on adding a pitch or two to go with his jr. college fastball and his knuckler/high school fastball.

Awwwww, come on, h.b. Bronson still looks cute. Skinny little kid with cornrows. What's not to love?


Just another example of how little I understand the female mind. :)

Do you think Bronson will go the route of Clemens, i.e., starts out skinny then turns into a modern day Babe Ruth with regard to body size?

Hmmm, very good question, h.b. And after some thought I have come up with an answer. While our skinny Jamaican wannabe may "bulk up" as he ages, he will never, EVER be able to go the route of Clemens. I mean, have you seen the size of Rajah's head? Sweet Christ. It's not human.

Just curious, did you get your Ichiro-Tarantino image from my comments on Cursed & First 8/6/04?
Cuz I'd be honored!

I must also confess that I love watching the little sumbitch play. He's scary-fast too. It's not f'ing wonder he's threatening the single-season hit record... he earns hits with speed on balls that are routine outs for mere mortal runners.

UTSoxFan: I don't have a "specific memory" (to sound like a politician) of grabbing your image, but that doesn't mean I didn't do so at a subconscious level.

When I am aware of lifting something directly from another blog or message board (or anyplace), I always try to remember to give proper credit in the "notes" section.

If I did get that image from you but was unaware, thanks!

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