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A Bandwagon Hangover

After a remarkable come from behind win on Friday, the rest of Yankees series become an ass whooping at the Sox' expense …

Mondays are always tough, but this one today really sucks …


What the fuck just happened? 14-1? 11-1? Cancel the Yankee humiliation parties.


Yeah, history nevah repeats except every fucking time it does.


That's what it looks like to have the snot beat out of ya. The Red Sox led in only two of the 27 innings of the series.


Another year of sloppy seconds. Worse, I've lost faith in my belief that no matter how the season ends the Red Sox can beat the Spankees in the post season.


Well, don't look to me to play the role of cheerer fucking upper — But the nobody evah said the '04 Yankees were lacking in offense. It all goes back to pitching, or lack thereof. Pedro was awful and Lowe was worse.


Yeah, all the Sox need to do is go kick some ass in Baltimore.


Oh, right. Of course. Beating Baltimore has worked out so fucking well this year.



Chin Up!!! 2 games DO NOT Make a season. It is NOT the end of the world, maybe just what the sox need to re-focus. We will be in the playoffs and meet the MFY's again...stay strong my brother!!

Is there really any other word to describe this weekend other than "fuck"? I think not. Unless you want me to describe how I threw up in my own mouth watching Petey and Lowe.

Go Pats!

well, I was at Friday night's game, and I had conflicts on Saturday/Sunday that conveniently allowed me to miss those abominations, so I guess my perspective is skewed. That said, this weekend doesn't strike as that big a deal...didn't expect to win the DBLowe v. Lieber matchup, and the Sunday game looked like a tossup. The only disappointment (or more appropriately, concern) to me is Petey not just losing, but getting shelled, and the rumor that he has a back injury. Beyond that...the division would have been sweet, but we're still going to the postseason; the MFYs didn't see our de facto ace Shilling this series; and DBLowe won't be in the playoff rotation.

I think you did a great job of capturing the overall mood of the Nation, however, which is what the strip is all about.

Fucking Wakefield. He sucks. It's 8-6 in the top of the 8th and regardless of how this game ends, the biggest fuck up in recent Sox history (Game 7-Boone takes him deep) gagged again. The trick bullshit pitch can no longer trick juiced up big leaguers. Leave that fuck off the post season rosters all together and we maybe have a chance.

Wow...the "biggest fuck up in recent Sox history"? I know he's pitching badly right now, but that's way too harsh on Wakey. His two great ALCS starts were a large part of why we were only 5 outs away last October in the first place, and he's always been a stand-up guy for us throughout his Sox career.

...and if you ask me, Grady Gump was a far greater fuck up.

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