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Minty Fresh

The Red Sox were off last night, in the interim Nomargate continues apace …

Did you hear the latest on our whilom ShortStud?


He lied about WMD?


[Laughs] That and he really hurt his heel when killing Laci Peterson. Nomar's a serial killer, you know?


[Laughs] I definitely feel dead now that he's gone. Cabrera may be better defensively, but I'll always want Nomar in the hole.


What about Doug Mientkiewicz?


Hella yes. I'd let him show me what men do in prisons.


Mint may be the new number 1 on the "Red Sox Players: Hot or Not?"… Displacing Tek even.


OK. I've got to go. Got a date with a dildo. [Laughs]


Good, always the indefinite article. "A" dildo and not "your" dildo. [Laughs]


Author's Notes
Lines and ideas in this exchange come from a poem by Lyn Lifshin, the comedy Sex and the City, and the film Fight Club as well as comments posted by various women at the Bambino's Curse website.


niiiiiiiice fight club reference.

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