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A rose by any other name

The Sox trailing Baltimore 4-2 in the 3rd get a fortunate rain out last night to keep their win streak alive …

So we get the Schill on the hill tonight. Curt on the motherfucking dirt …


Hell, yeah, Montague is who we fucking turn to.


Montague? What the fuck you talking about Juliet?


Hey, don't be fucking biting your thumb at me … [Laughs] Montague is Schilling's middle name.


No, shit? I like that. "Montague merci beaucoup!"


Montague makes hitters shit in their shoes.


Fuck yeah! Montague will sweep through like a crazy Sioux, tried and true. Screw with the Gue? Fuck you! Here's a serving of splitter cordon bleu.


Slow day isn't it? [Laughs]


Dude, no shit. All we've got is rain, bunny suits, and Gammo.


That and the hope of getting frisked walking the streets. I'm not wearing any underwear.


Shit, and some people say the only thing we have to fear is George Bush. [Laughs]



Photo caption:

John Kerry takes time out from the campaign trail to join Johnny Depp on the set of the Willy Wonka remake now in production. Kerry hopes to shake the "Herman Munster" label and replace it with "Umpa Lumpa."

Update Friday morning 7/30: TypePad is having problems and I can't post. Stay tuned...


Kerry? Looks a little like Abe Lincoln and a little like frankenstien I guess we can call him LicolnStien!

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