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Where's that good fruit, Mr. Martinez?

The Sox drop both games on a double. Fr. Lasik, a Soxaholix himself, and mindful of Pedro's recent public statements …

Scene from a church:
Our Lord has much to instruct us about team work and sacrifice, no?


Bill from home:
Jesus said, "Grapes are not gathered from thorns nor figs from thistles; they do not give fruit. A good person brings forth good from his treasure; a bad person brings forth evil from the evil treasure in his heart, and he speaks of evil. For out of the abundance of his heart, he produces evil."


Elsewhere this Sunday morning, Bill yells to no one in particular …

Bill from home:
[Furiously] Memo to Pedro: Are you fucking insane? The sonavabitch is hurt; he knows he's hurt; and that's why he's so bitchy. He wants that contract signed, sealed and delivered before his arm drops off.



Hey...no fair including a blind link to the Curly Haired Boyfriend! Damn, now I gave that doofus a page hit...although on second thought I guess you did give us ample warning with the 'bad person' reference.

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