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We're in first place!

The Red Sox lose their fourth straight game …

I sure as fuck am glad the Red Sox are playing the weak teams.


Yeah, I fucking love how many games they're gaining on the Yankees. Cowboy Fucking Up!


Right. I'm pissing my pants with happiness that our boy genius GM has created an offensive juggernaut in Pokey fucking Reese and Cesar ohmigod Crespo.


No, shit, there's nothing I love more than guys who can get on base. I wank off thinking about OBP and stranding 13 runners one night and 8 runners the next night. Whoo fucking hoo, that's Moneyball baby!


I am so down with that Bill James shit. I'm going to get a tat across my ass saying "SABR Lives!" How's that fucking 11th place in slugging percentage working out for you?


I can't fucking wait to spread my seed and drop some kids on this great baseball city so I can sign their asses up for "Kid Nation"!


Yeah, drink up your Hood milk you pint sized diehard sonzabitches and then I'll give you something to cry about: Bill Mueller.


We still believe! Oh, yeah, I love blind faith. Sign me the fuck up.


Of course you do. You're a martyr and can't wait for your reward of 72 bags of peanuts in heaven.


Abso-fucking-lutely. Can't wait 'til tonight to beat up again on the rinky dinky cellar dwellers!




Let's go Jeter: .181 1HR 7RBI

Hey, congrats...you have your first MFY-fan troll! You've arrived!

This is hilarious. Keep up the good work.

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