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The Sox beat the Rays and over in the National League Randy Johnson throws a perfect game …

Man, Randy Johnson throws a perfect game!


Unbelievable. Only the 17th ever! And he and Clemens are giving us 40-somethings a dose of the feel good.


Yeah, between what Pinto is calling "the year of the old pitcher" and the breakthrough in erectile disfunction meds, you old-timers are in the mofo house! [Laughs]


Anything less than a sweep of the D-Rays and I'll be needing an extra session of therapy.


So how is that anger management issue working out?


You kidding me … I'm like the motherfucking dala lama these days.


Yeah, if the dala lama happens to struggle with an incessant compulsion to take a bat to water coolers at the slightest provocation. [Laughs]


[imitating Pesci in Goodfellas] What, I amuse you? I make you laugh? I'm here to fuckin' amuse you? What, like a motherfucking clown?


[Laughs] No worry. You'll be calm as a Stepford Wife with Schill on the hill tonight.


The AL's most dominant pitcher against the AL's worst hitting club? Auto-friggin-matic.



I'm kinda surprised you didn't make reference to the poster on SoSH who says this season his wife will give him a hummer every time Bellhorn hits a dinger. The 'Horn goes deep, she goes deep! They were having a ball with that last night after the 3-run job.

Frig, I missed that! But doesn't mean I can't use it later. Thanks for the tip! (What thread was that in?)

Reminds me too that I have a long way to go in character development as so far I have not introduced any reference to spouses/sig others.

When I envisioned this whole thing, I figured introducing new characters etc would be easy and coming up with the daily dialog would be the difficult part. In practice, thus far, it's just the opposite.

It's in the 'Spouses & Baseball' thread in P&G:
It also obviously got a lot of play in yesterday's game thread.

Maybe this is the plot device that can introduce a couple of the Soxaholix' spouses...

Not to try to write the strip for you or anything, but the back-and-forth verbal battle tonight between the Florida Chapter of Sox Nation and Loud Solitary D-Ray Fan might also be worth a mention...

Thanks for the link and for the lead on the verbal battle. It's helpful to have more eyes out there looking for the little gems expressed by Sox fans.

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