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Texas Two Step

The Red Sox are swept by the Rangers …

All my ex's live in Texas.


Is the offense dead or just hangin' its hat in Tennessee? Either way this morning I'm as heartbroken as Willie Nelson after meeting with the IRS.


My achy breaky heart. And my hangover. I feel like shit. Fuck this is a country song I'm living in.


Nothing good ever comes from playing there. I dread seeing T-E-X coming up on the Sox schedule.


Highlight of my weekend was seeing the Wonkette on CNN.


Yeah, I caught a piece of that. Hard to believe a chick who comes across on TV like a sweet girl next door type, like she's about to hand you some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies or a hot apple pie is the same chick who sprinkles her blog posts with ass fucking references.


She is a resolute dissonance. A divergence from the expectable. Ideas protrude …



Hey, as long as we keep sweeping two teams for every team that sweeps us, we'll be fine, right?

I KNEW you were going to comment on Wonkette's CNN appearance!

How couldn't I? (We are her bitches.)

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