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He Swims!

The Sox win, splitting the series with the Indians, behind a good outing by Pedro Martinez …

Petey get's it done. Strikes out 8 on three walks.


Yeah, except for that first pitch 84 MPH ballus de meatus.


No kidding. I hadn't even settled into the game when I was already having to change my undies after I'd shit my pants. What's up with Pedro and homers this year?


BDD points out Pedro has given up six homers in 43 2-3 innings this season, after giving up only seven in 186 2-3 innings last season.


I blame the Jerri curls. Pedro used to look scary mean. Now he looks, I dunno … kinda sleepy or something.


Fuck, yeah. Now my spider senses are tingling. [Laughs] You heard MLB reneged on the Spiderman promo?


Wimps. I was having fun watching the Bob Costas types come all undone. Oh, the humanity. Oh, the loss of dignity. Boo fucking hoo. [Laughs]


Fuck Spiderman. The question is when are they going to make an action movie on that superhero of all superheroes: Aquaman!


No shit! I can see the tag line now: "He Swims! Then he, er … swims faster! Then he, well, you know, he fucking swims and shit assholes what more do you want? This swimming is hard fucking superhero business!" [Laughs]



Does anyone remember that show from the mid ninties on Mtv, "The State"? It was sketch comedy, and they did a bit about the superfriends.

Lex Luther was taking over the planet, so Superman (Ken Marino) barks out orders to the other superfriends. "Batman! You and Robin use the Batmobile to round up the henchman....Wonder Woman, use the invisible jet and your lasso to bring the explosives away from the earth...I am going to fly around the earth and try and reverse time...Aquaman...um...you go talk to some fish." and all the Superfriends lose it laughing at him. The bit ends with them all flying away, and then Flash runs in out of breath and says "Crap, I'm late again!".


I hadn't seen that, but is sounds hillarious.

I still miss Daria on MTV. Loved that show.

"The State"! I loved that show. Wonder if it's on DVD yet?

"I want to dip my BALLS in it!"


If you go here...


you can watch clips of every single sketch they did, provided the site hasn't gone over the bandwidth allotment for the day.

Then if you go here...


you can get updates on the DVD release.

Ah, Daria. I met the girl who supplied Daria's voice. She looks nothing like Daria (like this is something that should surprise me) and she was a "Club Mtv" dancer.

Whoa...too much old pop culture in that sentence.

Now, I am going to the zoo and watch the monkeys do it.


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