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Freak Accidents b/w You Are My Sunshine

Another for the "only in Boston" case files…

Circs, did hear what happened to first base coach Lynn Jones?


Yeah, the screwdriver in the eye while trying to repair his water softener. Talk about your freak accidents.


[Feigning a suspicious tone] Well, that's what they're calling it. Maybe he was so distraught over the lousy play during the 5 game skid that he pulled an Oedipus.


"No more shall ye behold such sights of woe, deeds I have suffered and myself have wrought …"?


Exactly. "Dark, dark! The horror of darkness, like a shroud, wraps me and bears me on through mist and cloud."


In all seriousness, I really hope he's OK.


Ditto. After all, without sight, one could never behold the beauty of the young Johnny Damon doll. [Laughs] Press his Red Heart and He will sing "You Are My Sunshine."


I so want that headband.



that was very gay and corny; not to mention boring, who ever writes this stuff, needs to GET A REA: JOB, or at least learn how to write FUNNY jokes

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