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Walk Off

Two, back-to-back Red Sox wins and all is well …

David Walkoff Ortiz! I get the chills thinking about that monster blast to end the game.


Ortiz makes me feel better than a Demerol breakfast and lots of coffee. I feel good. The way a log in a fire sometimes looks like it must feel good, like it's gotten once and for all past its resistance to the force that means to make it submit to its own physical fact.


The curveball that struck out Catalanotto was VERY impressive. Nice tight spin, big break and right on target (well, maybe just a little inside of where he probably wanted it). The look of disbelief on Catalanotto's face was priceless. "I'm out? That-that guy struck me out? But-but…"


Maybe Malaska is what we thought we were getting in Sauerbeck last year? That's why I'm hoping, anyway. … Hey, we've got a new designer starting today, Susan.


Check. Another minion under the thriving banks of fluorescence. Hope she's better than that chick Instawingnut is always shilling.


Yeah, "design goddess" but every design looks almost the same … and the notebook spiral background, oh, how 1996 cutting edge! [Laughs.] It's a wonder anyone can take Insta's political shit serious when he's so clueless.


Yeah, but have you seen his wife? She's effin' hot!


Yeah, if I was with her you'd be calling me the "Insta-Done-It"


Oops! I Insta-Done-It Again. [Laughs]


Author's Notes:
Doug's Demerol speech is from Wenderoth's Letters to Wendy's


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