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Taking on Toronto

The Soxaholix eagerly anticipate the 3pm Fenway home opener against Toronto …

Tara, what's the numbers on the Jays?


Bill, for all the talk last night about the Red Sox offense being inept, when compared to the Toronto line there's no contest. Team: .196/.257/.330, 2-19 w/RISP Scored 6 runs against the vaunted Detriot Tigers pitching staff.


And the pitching?


The only guy we'll see that pitched in the Tigers series is Roy Halladay, and he gave up 6 earned in 6.7 innings. Historically, the Red Sox have hit Halladay well. Their bullpen has only given up one run, a home run given up by Terry Adams.


Lilly career at Fenway: 9.72 ERA with a 2.4 WHIP and a .410 BAA in 8.1 innings. I don't believe that counts his postseason start, though.


Fenway Opener number 93 … Bring it!



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