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Some tentative destinies plague us.

No game Monday night, the Soxaholix await the Tampa Bay club to roll into town …

You know the best thing about the Dee Rays?


[Trilling his R's] R-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-occo Baldelli!!!


Five tool player, boy next door good looks …


If he played in a major market he'd be more popular than John Kerry. [Pauses] Er, make that Steve Silva [Laughs] Did you read about the Big Dog hobnobbing with the glitterati?


Yeah, what a whore. [Laughs] Speaking of Silva, when in fucks sake is he ever going to add permalinks to his site? If an Iraqi dentist can do it, so can you Steve. We believe in you, man. [Laughs]


Some tentative destinies plague us.



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