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Pi R Squared

Lunch hour at the office …

Hey, if Mickelson can get that monkey off his back …


Mickelson mocks the naysayers with his monkey pants … And netted me a pair of sawbucks from the dudes in shipping.


Fer crissakes you're not betting with the Salvadorans in shipping again after what happened last time?


Er … Just a little bit. [Laughs] Besides, last time it wasn't my fault but Grady effin' Little's fault. And who can bemoan learning how to make and serve pupusas to a hungry band of Salvadorans?


True dat. Sandinista, baby. Hey, you talked to the new designer yet?


Circle? Yeah, she's cool. Big time Sox fan.


Circle? No, Susan, the new pixel chick … Who the hell is Circle?


Susan is Circle. See, quote Susan is her quote governement name as she explains it. Kinda cool, really.


Circle? Fucking Risdee grad whackos. Ol' man Scrivener's going to love that. I'm probably going to get stuck updating the employee handbook regarding goverment names.


Author's Notes:
This "Circle" business is straight out of Geoff Dyer's Yoga for People Who Can't Be Bothered to Do It. I want to play around a bit with that idea. Meanwhile, the "government name" thing is from a popular hip hop song the name of which now escapes me.


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