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Pedro: No need for life support

The day after Pedro Martinez delivered his finest performance of '04 …

I don't have a crystal ball and though I often have blue balls they've never much helped me be a prognosticator, still it shouldn't be any surprise at how well Pedro pitched in Sky Dome.


The little dude hates the mofo cold. Fuck. Who doesn't hate the mofo cold. Remind me again why we live here?


I heard it builds character, stalking like a rook and all that brooding … [Laughs] OK. So if we know Pedro can't pitch well in April …


Not to quibble, but Petey's actually 23-5 in April over his career … But I know, I know huge difference between pitching early April and late April.


Exactly. Break out his numbers in so-called very cold starts in April and he's got a 4.38 ERA. So why pronounce him dead each year after a couple of poor starts in shitty weather?


In general, this fear of dying -- does it make sense? I look forward to the news of the final descent, wherein I will gain unlimited access to drugs and being cared for. I see no other conclusion: this is the most wonderful time ever to by dying.


Yeah, great drugs, no heaven, the awareness of our own insignificance … But, hey, no dying until after the Red Sox win another World Series.




Author's Notes:
Bill's rook reference is to Sylvia Plath's poem, "Winter Landscape, With Rooks"while Doug yet again taps into Letters to Wendy's for his "good time to by dying" speech.


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