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Patriot's Day (Morning)

It's "Patriot's Day," but not everyone gets a holiday …

Well, I'm headed out to Hotlanta for that e-commerce thing.


Bill, who is off, responds from his home is the burbs…

Bill from home:
Hey, maybe you'll run into one of those hotties from The Weather Channel?


Ah, yes, Sharon Resultan, for instance, a case of real-life conducted so simply and matter-of-factly that it becomes almost mesmerizing. Meanwhile, Manny was so safe at home yesterday.


At least there's nothing to give us all long John Kerry faces … Contreras and Lowe were pretty much equally as rusty, equally as bad . . . the difference being the speed of the hooks. And yet I can't fault Francona. Sheffield, Matsui, and Posada all hit pretty good pitches.


Bill from home:
Did you check out hayseed Clemen's recent performance? 7 innings, 7 K, 1 BB and 1 run. He's 3-0 with an 0.87 ERA.


I still loathe the lardo, but seeing him do well with Houston does provide me with a perverse pleasure … like a bowl of fresh fruit suddenly along in the Arctic night, like an abandoned car in the middle of a huge, empty parking lot.…


Author's Notes:
Bill's first speech from SoSH. Doug's "bowl of fresh fruit" speech from Letters to Wendy's 10-15-1996.


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