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My Resplendence Has No Bitch

The Red Sox sweep the Devil Rays and Manny is singing like a canary …

You see that Edes interview with Manny on NESN?


No, but I read the transcript posted at SoSH. Manny is da man!


I've always thought so, but weren't you calling for his head on a stick last season? Now you're all buying Ramirez jerseys and wanting to braid your hair and shit? [Laughs]


[Demonstratively] At any given point, one can look back and say, what was that? But then one can never answers sufficiently. This is why and this is where in fact become obscured by every seeking of them. In speaking, we only ever lose where we are -- we do not secure it.


You are so absolutely, totally full of shit. [Laughs]


Sir, I am resplendent in poo-poo. But my resplendence is real, is never silent and has no bitch. [Laughs]


On to South Fork! On to Bush Country!



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